Archive: KQED Public Radio’s ‘Forum’ Examines 10 State Propositions

Michael Krasny in studio

Through the studio glass: Michael Krasny hosts KQED's daily call-in show "Forum."

Here at KQED, we take elections pretty seriously. It’s a time when our mission of educating the public comes to a head — the messages coming from the campaigns are unrelenting and taken as a whole can present a confusing picture. So helping you cast an informed vote is our aim.

That was the philosophy behind our state proposition guide. Some people, however, prefer listening to reading. For those folks we present a complete archive of Forum’s 2012 state proposition shows. Some are an hour long, some are half an hour, but all present views from both sides and include community input we received via calls, emails, Facebook and Twitter. So sit back, turn up your speakers, and take a listen…


Prop. 30: Gov. Brown’s Tax Increase for Education, Public Safety

Prop. 31: Revises the State Budget Process


Prop. 32: Campaign Finance Reform or an Attack on Unions?


Prop. 33: Changes to Auto Insurance

Prop. 34: The Death Penalty in California


Prop. 35: Ban on Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery


Prop. 36: Should Three Strikes Be Changed?


Prop. 37: The Fight Over GMO Labeling


Prop. 38: Molly Munger’s Tax Initiative for Education


Prop 39: How We Tax Multi-State Businesses


Please note: Forum did not produce a show on Proposition 40. You can find more information on that here.