Chart: Where Major California Newspapers Stand on Each Proposition

The advocacy group Consumer Watchdog has published a tremendous voter resource. The group created this propositions “scorecard” of the editorial board positions of nine major newspapers across California. Anyone can see at a glance where each paper is on each prop. Once you click on the image, the scorecard becomes interactive and you can click to read each paper’s editorial.

(Image: Consumer Watchdog)

(Image: Consumer Watchdog)

And while you’re researching your vote, don’t forget KQED’s Simple-Understandable-Portable-Shareable Proposition Guide. Get up to speed on all 11 State Propositions in 20 minutes.

  • Tim

    what a helpful post, thanks Lisa

  • Dan

    Who cares what major CA newspapers stand on the propositions; they are after all owned by major corporations. Figure out who is behind the proposition and vote against the richer.

  • algernon

    The “Big 6” transnational pesticide companies are funding a media blitz to defeat Prop37 (GMO food labeling). Money talks. Follow the money.