Attack Ad Says Eric Mar is From Mars, David Lee is From San Francisco

Here at the Election Funhouse, we’ve seen a lot of over-the-top political ads. But this one paid for by the San Francisco Association of Realtors in support of District 1 supervisorial candidate David Lee — and distinctly not in support of incumbent Eric Mar — may be over the top and back around to the other side.

You don’t need an advanced degree in semiotics to get the drift of the message: that Eric Mar is an alien life form sent to the San Francisco Richmond district in order to ruin the lives of kids to the point they have been forced into the streets in roving, dirty-faced packs, suitable as extras in the children’s version of “The Road Warrior.”


The left-leaning Bay Guardian, which has endorsed Mar with some reservations, has published a series of articles about this, with Executive Editor Tim Redmond suggesting the ad is homophobic, among other things…

The voice-over announces that Mar is famous “for suggesting that his meetings be held in the the hot tub of a local YMCA” — while a photo shows three apparently naked men cozying up around a big flume of steam. Ah — Mar is linked to a steamy male bath scene! Eeew.

Also from The Guardian last week…

The San Francisco League of Pissed Off Voters yesterday filed a complaint with the Ethics Commission requesting an investigation into illegal coordination between Lee and the Association of Realtors, which produced an ad entitled “Send Mar Back to Mars,” in which Lee appears to have participated in the filming…

Lee’s direct fundraising and the allegedly independent expenditures on his behalf this week topped $557,486 – more than any other San Francisco supervisorial campaign in history — prompting the Ethics Commission to again raise the expenditure cap on the public financing in Mar’s race.

The Guardian also says the District 1 race has become a proxy of sorts in the battle of tenants’ vs. landlords’ rights, and thus, the interest of the realtors group.

Lee campaign consultant Jim Ross says the Lee campaign does not endorse the ad and has issued a statement calling for the realtors’ group to take it down, but can’t ask directly as that type of campaign coordination would be illegal.



  • Fred Dobbs

    Mar made it so kids who live in the Richmond have to go into a lottery and often go to school far from home. This has made middle class families leave and could ultimately turn the Richmond into a Marina type area. This is wrong. If you live in the Richmond, you should be able to go to school here.