Answer 3 Questions on the Role of Government in America

KQED's Lillian Mongeau interviews San Jose State University student Dariel Maxwell.

There’s a conversation going on in America this election year about what we want and don’t want from our government. You hear it in the presidential race when Republican Mitt Romney talks about cutting taxes and getting government regulations out of the way so that business owners will create jobs and investors will stimulate the economy. You also can hear it when President Barack Obama, a Democrat, talks about using tax dollars for education and economic stimulus, as well as when he discusses regulations to protect the environment and rein in Wall Street.

On taxes, public spending, the social safety net and other issues, Americans are taking part in the discussion and demonstrating that they have some real philosophical differences with each other about the role of government in this country. For its “Voices of Young Voters” project, KQED interviewed more than 50 students from Bay Area colleges to get their opinions on government in America. Now we want to know where you stand in this debate.

Take a few moments and answer the questions below. Your answers may help inform KQED’s election coverage and be used online or on air.