Video Replay: Complete Vice Presidential Debate

Complete video of the vice-presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan Thursday night…

  • Joe Bob

    Now only if we can bring back our high standard of living to everyone to take advantage of…………anyone hear????

  • Ready4Change

    Nice Debate…Biden talks for 2 minutes, then smirks giggles, make clown faces, before interrupting Ryan. Rinse and repeat. Unfathomable how he was every chosen as a VP candidate in the 1st place…and he has no right proclaiming to be part of the Catholic Church, by his own words, he has discredited the church and its beliefs.

  • Ken Weaver

    Consensus is running about 56% Ryan and 40% Biden. CNN being the notable exception at 48-44. But all of their viewers are lafties.

  • AkalaM21

    I’m pretty sure I saw some smirky giggle faces from, Mr. Ryan also. Traditionally debates both Presidential and Vice-Presidential including smirky, self promoting attitude and tone by both candidates. There was nothing new here. Poor Mr. Ryan was out gunned by an original gunslinger, he simply sounded like an autonomous robot reciting the same old information hashed over by Governor Romney. Not saying that VP Biden and the Obama ticket are any better, I’m simply stating that he looked like a kid, wet behind the ears, getting schooled.

  • truthteller

    Ryan says to stand up for individual rights …. i guess gay rights arent’ part of that

    F-YOU Ryan

  • Steven

    Did anyone else find it crazy that Ryan had to moderate because the moderator wouldn’t?

  • Citizen

    How can you trust someone who wont talk straight? Ryan danced around the questions all night.

  • mnamerican

    Nice Biden! once again, those of us that work our butts off (in the middle class) will suffer at the hand of these modern day Robin Hoods! Why is it ok that people choose not to work, choose to take money with no strings attached, and choose to BS us into thinking our hard earned tax money should go “the greater good”… I am always looking to hire GOOD, HARDWORKING, HONEST workers… where are they?? Instead of breaking down everything our fore-fathers worked for, letting “some” of our society live off of the backs of the middle class, and taking away our rights with big government and socialism.. Let’s all get to work, teach our kids that the fruits of honest labor ARE the backbone of this nation. The christian values leveraged by everyone up until now have given us the tolerance, conviction, and values that made America what it is.. Never be ashamed that things are off track, that we believe in god, and that we have rights as people and Americans.. I have been overseas on 3 tours; I have seen the beatings, the rapings, the supression of peple because they are a certain sex or religion.. I love this country because they are NOT founded on the principles of no tolerance, hate, and supression!

  • Matt

    Biden is so smug and arrogant, I bet his ticket lost plenty of votes last night.

    • dave

      Biden is intelligent…if seeming smarter than your opponant is arrogant then so be it

  • Ariana D

    I thought Biden was extremely authentic in the fact he was smirking through his distaste and Anger for this other guy Ryan who is clearly rehearsed and a liar- did you SEE his closing statement ?- was that not inarguably a late night early morning infomercial pitch? He turned on like an actor reciting his lines, whereas Biden was real and was getting angry because he clearly Cares and is really putting himself in this. It’s just a stupid contest, a win, or lose i hope for this other guy.