What’s Government For? Share Your Story

Pak Gwei/Flickr

What role should government play in the lives of Americans? Is it doing something now that it shouldn’t? Have you had an experience with good government or bad government that you’re willing to share?

We want to hear from you for Perspectives, KQED’s listener essay series. In the coming days we’ll be posting these fill-in-the-blank questions on social media:

  • Government should stop _____________.
  • We need government to _____________.
  • I know government is too big because _____________.
  • Government really helped me to _____________.

You can answer by sharing your thoughts on Facebook.com/KQED, Tweeting @KQEDnews or posting a comment below. We will be reviewing the answers and reaching out to some of the respondents to ask if they’re interested in being part of a series of election-themed Perspectives later this year.

So post a comment and let us know what you think!