Everything You Need to Know for Tuesday’s Primary

Will you get your "I Voted" sticker? Photo: Denise Cross/Flickr

Let me guess, you’re planning on voting but you lost the mailer that tells you where your polling place is (who can blame you, what with all the campaign mail and J. Crew catalogs you’ve received in recent weeks). Or perhaps you meant to spend the weekend learning about the state propositions, but the weather was nice and your friend invited you out to Dolores Park, yadda yadda. Well fret not. Here’s a list of resources that should get you through Tuesday’s primary, and back to the park in no time.

Polling Place Look Up

Smartvoter.org‘s polling place finder is the easiest to use that I’ve seen. Simply enter your address and it will not only tell you where to go, but will also show you the races that will appear on your ballot.

Statewide Propositions:

There are two statewide propositions, Prop. 28 and Prop. 29, on Tuesday’s ballot:

Top-Two Primaries:

The way we’re voting in California will be a bit different this year — we’ll be using a top-two primary system. A very basic explanation: any voter can vote for any candidate and the top two vote-getters will face each other in November, no matter their parties. If you want more details — click here for KQED’s top two primary explainer.  Just remember, even though it’s called a top-two primary, you only vote for one candidate.


This election will also debut California’s redrawn congressional and state legislative districts. What you need to do — visit the LA Times map of final districts, enter your address and click on the district that appears to find out your district number. Then, go to ballotpedia.org and see who is running to represent your district.


Not sure if you’re even registered to vote? Call your local elections office to find out.

Anything else?

Have a voting-related question that hasn’t been addressed in this post? Try the California Voter Foundation’s list of the top ten online resources for voters. It’s a good one.