‘Are You Better Off?’: Both Parties Invoke Reagan

Former President Ronald Reagan in 1982.

Former President Ronald Reagan in 1982. Photo: Michael Evans/The White House/Getty Images.

NPR’s It’s All Politics blog warns us that “Are you better off?” will be a phrase we hear a lot of until November. Why? Well it’s a phrase that was invoked by Ronald Reagan in a 1980 debate against Jimmy Carter and well, invoking Reagan’s legacy amidst a struggling economy seems like a pretty smart move for Mitt Romney. So voters — get ready to consider whether life is better after four years of the Obama administration. Who knows — maybe Romney will even have a Reagan hologram ask the question during a rally.

But It’s All Politics predicts that Obama’s campaign will put their spin on the question as well:

So while Romney’s argument will be that the president doesn’t deserve a second term because too many people aren’t better off, Obama is essentially trying to frame the former Massachusetts governor’s candidacy as, for all practical purposes, a potential third term for Bush, with all the bad vibes that carries for many voters.

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