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How to Create an Infographic with

Digital Tools | October 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

How to Create an Infographic with

Infographics can be useful tools whenever you are trying to convey information with a strong visual approach. Infographics are especially good at making numerical data easy to see and understand. By creating an infographic, your information can take on a life, tell a story, and make a more persuasive argument, which is why you encounter infographics in all kinds of situations from advertising and marketing to educational presentations and publications. It used to take a lot of work and graphic design know-how to make effective infographics, but now there are a number of easy to use, mostly free or low cost online tools that you can use to jump into making your own infographics right away. This video focuses on, a free website that offers users the tools to make their own infographics.

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