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How to Make a Meme

Digital Tools | September 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

How to Make a Meme

This is a two-part video educasts series that overviews how to create a Meme with an introduction to the phenomenon of internet Memes and a step by step guide to using a simple tool for making and sharing your own. A meme can be any kind of idea, action or creative output that is picked up, copied and repeated within a culture. ‘Internet Memes’ has become a popular way to describe various internet trends that you might associate with viral videos, images or phrases that originate and spread quickly online. But most often, if someone refers to a ‘meme’, they mean a specific type of meme characterized by a familiar still image captioned with text based on a particular style of joke associated with that image. These sorts of images with text were originally called image macros, but are now popularly known as memes.

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