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PG&E Abandoning Wave Power

Challenges prove too much for one of California’s largest utilities

Waves crash along the Monterey coast. (Photo: Craig Miller)

One of the nation’s more progressive electric utilities is bailing out of wave energy.

Pacific Gas & Electric is giving up its pilot projects along the California coast.

“There’s definitely still a future for wave energy,” PG&E renewable energy spokesman Denny Boyles told me in a Sacramento interview. “Our hope is that one day it will become a more viable source,” PG&E had secured development permits for three areas along the California coast but with the technology for converting wave action into electric power still in its nascent stage, the company never got as far as getting any hardware into the water. “We did several different studies,” said Boyles. “There is wave energy conversionĀ  technology that’s out there that’s working. It’s just not at a point where it’s widespread enough for us.” Continue reading