Challenges for EPA’s Top Man In San Francisco

The latest in our series of television interviews with climate change thought leaders

Just about two years ago, Jared Blumenfeld took charge of the Environmental Protection Agency’s largest West Coast office, promising “revolutionary” strides forward. But it’s been a tough slog on the climate front, given the political climate in Washington.

Climate Watch Senior Editor Craig Miller sat down with Jared Blumenfeld, Administrator for EPA’s Pacific Southwest Region, to talk climate, green business and smart growth. Their interview airs this weekend on This Week in Northern California, on KQED Public Television 9. The segment is edited from a longer interview; here’s a clip that’s not in the TV version.

After it airs, we’ll post the segment in our Climate Watch Conversations archive, where you can watch past interviews with experts including California Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols, National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis and IPCC scientist and Stanford professor Chris Field.