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Check, Please! Bay Area Season 5: episode 11 (511)

Check, Please! Bay Area Season 5: episode 11 (511)

Restaurants Reviewed: Pagolac: Mom’s Vietnamese Kitchen, Della Santina’s Trattoria, Zazie

Pagolac: Mom's Vietnamese Kitchen: Restaurant Info

Pagolac: Mom’s Vietnamese Kitchen: Restaurant Info

Location: Map
655 Larkin St.
San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone: 415-776-3234

Pagolac: Mom’s Vietnamese Kitchen: Reviews

Ed: “You can always tell how good the meal will be by how fresh the spring rolls are, and they are excellent here with a great dipping sauce.”
Joanna: “I think this is the best Vietnamese food I have ever tasted. We ordered the seven courses of beef, a specialty of the restaurant.”
Lois: “There wasn’t a picture on the wall, and I found this restaurant very cold and uninviting. Our hostess was very pleasant, and the chef stopped by to ask if we were enjoying our meal.”