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DOSA on Fillmore: Restaurant Info

DOSA on Fillmore: Restaurant Info

Location: Map
1700 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone: 415-441-3672
Website: dosasf.com

DOSA on Fillmore: Reviews

Suzanne: “This watermelon, paneer, and sprouted mung bean salad was a unique blend of seasonal flavors and traditional ingredients and textures, a testament to Dosa’s unique appeal.”
Mike: ” I used all of the gunpowder to make the paste, consequently requiring a second ginger type drink, a Batsman, after consuming the first to extinguish the flames.”

Cathy: “We were very pleased with the pacing and order that the meal was served, one dish at a time. It allowed us to savor the flavors of each dish and not feel rushed or worried over our food getting cold.”