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Check, Please! Bay Area reviews: Chef Chu's, Lanesplitter, chiaroscuro

Check, Please! Bay Area reviews: Chef Chu’s, Lanesplitter, chiaroscuro

Restaurants reviewed: Chef Chu’s (Los Altos), Lanesplitter (Oakland), chiaroscuro (San Francisco)

chiaroscuro: Restaurant Info

chiaroscuro: Restaurant Info

Location: Map
550 Washington Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Phone: 415-362-6012
Website: chiaroscurosf.com

chiaroscuro: Reviews

Chandra: ” Following the appetizer I ordered the half order of the carbonara, and it was to die for.”
Chuck: “but then the pasta arrived… called Trilogia, it’s a dish with three spirals, looking like a 50’s beehive, of the most wonderful, differently dressed, pasta.”
Lina: “Chef Alessandro orchestrates a sophisticated and deliciously amazing dining experience.”