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Don Pico’s Mexican Bistro: Reviews

Ray: “This is truly a family run restaurant with 80% of the staff being related, and they all take satisfaction in providing an excellent finished product.”
Dot: “The best part of the meal was definitely my selection of Don Pico’s Specialties’ Tacos de Pescado (two bacon-crusted fish tacos with salsa fresca) and rice and beans.”
Suzanne: ” I love spicy food, but the free salsa, while fresh, was extremely hot.”

CreoLa Bistro: Reviews

Diane: “Creola is a real gem; a little bit of N’awlins on the Peninsula.”
Rolando: “Overall CreoLa Bistro was warm, hospitable and cozy, but it lacked innovation and imagination.”
Alexis: “This is definitely the kind of restaurant where you can order right or wrong.”

Flea Street Cafe: Review

Marie: “Flea Street is comfortable and feels more like a home than a restaurant.”
Fabian: “I would return to this restaurant for a special occasion or a nice getaway.”
William: “The organic roots of this twenty-five-year-old restaurant were apparent in the wide-ranging choices and clever pairings of dishes.”

Patio Filipino: Reviews

JR: “It’s the food that not only fulfills, but also showcases the country’s rich colonial history.”
Liz: “All of the dishes really lend themselves to sharing, as they are generously portioned and served family-style.”
Jeff: “The accompanying vegetable dish of ginataang sitaw at kalabasa, however, was a revelation.”

deedee’s: Reviews

Raji:“Great food at a great price in very homey and not fussy surroundings.”
Ray: “Unfortunately, I found most of the dishes to be rather flat in flavor, with the dominant taste being just salt.”
Serdar: “I do have to admit that the taste of food was, most likely, as authentic as you can get in terms of the regional cuisine.”

Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant: Reviews

Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant: Reviews

1320 Saratoga Avenue (Inside Albertson’s Center)
San Jose, CA 95129
Phone: 408-615-8282
Type of Cuisine: Ethiopian
Reviewed: Winter 2008

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