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All Spice: Reviews

All Spice: Reviews

Peter: “My entrée was Shortrib Vindaloo, and I questioned why they gave me a knife, as the meat was fork tender and easily eaten that way.”
Bill: “I also got to taste their braised scallops, which were melt-in-your-mouth delicious”
Amanda: “We started with the short rib vindaloo…it was love at first bite.”

Chef Chu’s: Reviews

Lina: “The atmosphere is lively and busy, but never hectic, with reservations highly recommended.”
Chuck: “Lemon Chicken came next, moist inside with a crispy coating and tangy, light and delicious lemon sauce.”
Chandra: “Then we ordered some pot stickers to start, and when our waitress came to bring them to us she said, ‘These are burnt, is that okay?’”

Back A Yard Caribbean American Grill: Reviews

Susanna: “I’ve tried a variety of Back A Yard’s offerings (both on my own and for catered events), and always end up returning to the jerk pork.”
Michael: “Pork perfectly cooked and tender, and the sauce had just the right amount of heat.”
Ted: “The Jerk Chicken was perfect!”

Sapore Italiano Ristorante: Reviews

Mike: “The signature dishes of Sapore are their pastas. There are eight choices on their menu, and they will put a different sauce on the pasta of your choice if that is your preference.”
Cathy: “The pizza wasn’t hot (it was actually cold in places), which made us suspect that it came right from the box into the oven.”
Suzanne: ” We wanted to like it, but the mediocre food could not overcome the pitiful service we received.”

Cafe Gibraltar: Reviews

Tony: “The seafood is perfectly cooked and, enhanced by the spice and curry notes of the broth, delectable and exotic in flavor.”
David: “The service was outstanding. Despite its “fine-dining” status, this place had not one lick of snobbery.”
Sarah: “I have four words for you: five course tasting menu.”

Don Pico’s Mexican Bistro: Reviews

Ray: “This is truly a family run restaurant with 80% of the staff being related, and they all take satisfaction in providing an excellent finished product.”
Dot: “The best part of the meal was definitely my selection of Don Pico’s Specialties’ Tacos de Pescado (two bacon-crusted fish tacos with salsa fresca) and rice and beans.”
Suzanne: ” I love spicy food, but the free salsa, while fresh, was extremely hot.”

CreoLa Bistro: Reviews

Diane: “Creola is a real gem; a little bit of N’awlins on the Peninsula.”
Rolando: “Overall CreoLa Bistro was warm, hospitable and cozy, but it lacked innovation and imagination.”
Alexis: “This is definitely the kind of restaurant where you can order right or wrong.”

Flea Street Cafe: Review

Marie: “Flea Street is comfortable and feels more like a home than a restaurant.”
Fabian: “I would return to this restaurant for a special occasion or a nice getaway.”
William: “The organic roots of this twenty-five-year-old restaurant were apparent in the wide-ranging choices and clever pairings of dishes.”

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