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Evvia Estiatorio: Reviews

Evvia Estiatorio: Reviews

Peter: “Cooked to perfection, the meat was almost falling off the bone and soft, sweet, fragrant, and slightly smoky.”
Seema: “Standout dishes include the Saganaki, a pan-fried cheese served with a beautiful little sachet of lemon, along with a little oregano to complement the saltiness of the cheese.”
Keith: “Being a Greek restaurant, you know the lamb options have to be good, and believe me, they were.”

Naschmarkt Restaurant: Reviews

Lisa: “Every time we come here, we order the soup; it comes out at the perfect temperature and is always smooth and silky.”
Paul: “Everything we ordered was absolutely delicious, but I would go back for the scallops and Austrian napkin dumplings; both have exquisite flavor.”
Will: “The Pan Seared Diver scallops with the purple cauliflower puree and crispy pancetta was excellent.”

The Refuge: Reviews

The Refuge: Reviews

Christopher: “They have what is arguably the best pastrami in the Bay Area and very likely the west coast.”
Joan: “The house-made pickled veggies were outstanding and the Barbacoa Nachos (with beef on the side) were extra tasty”
Scott: “The pastrami was too lean, fat = taste!”

Lillie Mae’s House of Soul Food: Reviews

Nicole: “This is THE best fried chicken I’ve ever had.”
Brian: “The two best things about the meal were the corn bread, which was moist and sweet with whole corn kernels in the batter, and the hush puppies that had a beefy rough grain-fried crust, like an apple fritter.”
Jennifer: “I went for the all you can eat Sunday brunch and felt that the food quality, taste and variety were all very good. My favorite dish was the mac & cheese.”

Barrio Fiesta Restaurant: Reviews

Kristine: “If you’re a novice and want to go where the ‘locals go’ this is the place to start your love with Filipino food.”
Brad: “Then the Garlic Chicken came — crisped chicken fried in soft margarine with garlic. I really liked this.”
Mac: “But most of the food was too heavy for my taste. The crispy pata (pig knuckle) was tender and flavorful, though as a knuckle novice, I had some practical trouble tackling the dish (Which bits do I eat?).”

Roti Indian Bistro: Reviews

Raj: “Don’t miss the Tandoori mixed grill. It’s fresh and vibrant, but not too overpowering.”
Thuy: “The naan here is among some of the best I’ve had.”
Andrea: “We also had the baingan bharta, which we thought was some of the better roasted eggplant we have had, very creamy.”

Café Borrone: Reviews

Trevor: “A trio of compact perfect Dungeness crab cakes, shaped like the French pastries cannelés are everything you hope for in crab cakes: all crab, with next to no filler…”
Stu: “Being a non-drinker myself and having challenges in finding plentiful non-alcoholic options, Borrone was the best and offered many wonderful options.”
Nancy: “It was like a huge coffee shop with food at very high prices, also considering we weren’t in the City.”

Pho Vi Hoa: Reviews

Garrett: “The star dish, however, is and always will be the beef pho.”
Becky: “If you avoid the fattier cuts of meat, Pho Vi Hoa is healthy and cheap, and definitely a place I’d go for a quick lunch or dinner if I were in the immediate area.”
Salvatore: “I have Pho about once a week, and perhaps I’m used to my standard place, but I found this one a bit on the salty side, and the chicken strangely dry, as though it had be roasted rather than soaked in a broth.”

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