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Pork Store Café: Reviews

Chelsea: “That day, the Tasty Nest was what I craved: crisp hash browns covered with cheesy garlic, peppers, and onions with just a touch of bacon, and you can’t go wrong.”
Robert: “Sorry vegans, this is not a good place for you, since veggie scrambles are cooked on the same grill where meats are prepared.”
Peter: “Sadly, its namesake Pork Store special was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen on a plate, which made this experience all the more comical.”

Zarzuela: Reviews

Peter: “They are certainly known for their poached octopus, which is seasoned with paprika and served over potatoes.”
Robert: “Being a single guy, I enjoy places where I can spontaneously dine by myself and still feel like I am part of a small, casual, and unpretentious local neighborhood gathering place.”
Chelsea: “I was looking forward to traditional paella, after visiting Spain and getting spoiled with its fine cuisine, and Zarzuela’s paella did not disappoint!”

Spork: Reviews [CLOSED]

Ruth-Ann: “It’s the former home of the Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Mission. And, of course, their name is inspired by the utensil that KFC popularized — the spork.”
Scott: “Not so at Spork: the desserts were to die for! The Pot Brownie was rich, yet not overly sweet.”
David: “My niece loved the shake, and I loved being able to tell her to “Talk to your father” when she asked me how the restaurant could not know that “MILF Shake” on the menu was a misspelling.”

Ristorante Ideale: Reviews

David: “Ideale is the only place I can go to that takes me out of the Bay Area, and into a noisy side street in Rome.”
Ruth-Ann: “Overall, I thought that this was at best an average dining experience. The food was only ok (with the exception of the pizza, which was amazing).”
Scott: “To sum it up: Great ingredients, most of them homemade, prepared simply and well.”

Rhea’s Market and Deli: Reviews

Brian: “We all got the Korean steak sandwich, and we were all totally blown away.”
Beth: “We were a little surprised when we arrived at this deli because we were expecting a little more than a sandwich shop inside of a mini-mart; however, the food was not disappointing!”
Gary: “We chose four different “street food” selections. We weren’t disappointed. All four were fantastic.”

Sauce: Reviews

Gary: “We love their portobello mushroom fries with Fat Boy Ranch dipping sauce.”
Brian: “The portions were very generous and therefore the meal was of good value. The service was very friendly and offered advice.”
Beth: “The Pot Roast was “killer!” Normally, I am not the biggest fan of pot roast, however, it was braised well, was crispy on the outside, and had a juicy sauce that was not gelatinous.”

Patxi’s Pizza: Reviews

Brian: “Patxi’s Chicago Pizza serves up the best, most authentic Chicago-style pizza anywhere outside of the Windy City.”
Julie: “This pizza was delicious — the combination of the chorizo, jalapeños, and coppa was mouth-watering.”
Karen: “My favorite was the spinach-pesto pan pizza just because the pesto was so good. “

Mercury Lounge: Reviews

Julie: “What I really like about the dishes here is that they are designed for sharing, which provides a great way to try a little bit of everything and makes the dining experience more intimate.”
Karen: “Our immediate impression of Mercury Lounge was nothing more than a loud bar crowded with musical equipment and in general disarray.”
Brian: “The main courses were the highlights, led by the pork sisig. This dish absolutely stole the show for my group.”

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