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Hillstone: Reviews

Amanda: “My personal favorite thing to eat at Hillstone is their fire-grilled artichoke”
Bill: “My main entree, the “Hawaiian” Rib Eye, prepared medium rare, was melt-in-your-mouth delicious!”
Peter: “I had the Special of the Day, which was a Rib-eye that was done perfectly. The only complaint I had was that the meat tasted like it had been salted twice.”

The Chairman (Food Truck): Reviews

Sarah: “Till this day, I have yet to taste anything as delicious as their steamed pork belly buns.”
Larry the O: “I am not a major pork guy, but the tender pork belly was exquisite.”
Gabe: “But there’s a reason why the majority of the 900-plus Yelp reviews worship the one true God of the Chairman Truck—crispy pork belly.”

chiaroscuro: Reviews

Chandra: ” Following the appetizer I ordered the half order of the carbonara, and it was to die for.”
Chuck: “but then the pasta arrived… called Trilogia, it’s a dish with three spirals, looking like a 50’s beehive, of the most wonderful, differently dressed, pasta.”
Lina: “Chef Alessandro orchestrates a sophisticated and deliciously amazing dining experience.”

Green Chile Kitchen: Reviews

Ted: “It is hard to describe how satisfying the stew is with its spicy hot chile flavor mixed with slow cooked Niman Ranch pork.”
Michael: “My Green Chile-Rubbed Half-Chicken was terrific. The sides were a mixed review at best.”
Susanna: “GREEN CHILE STEW: PHENOMENAL. Everything else was just average/meh.”

Gamine: Review

Corinne: “Burger, burger, burger. Gamine’s burger is what keeps me going back time after time.”
Linda: “Unless I’m dying for a good bowl of onion soup, and the other bistros on Union Street are closed, I’m not sure I’ll go back to Gamine.”
Jeremy: “Unfortunately, as good as the mussels are, the salmon was absolutely amazing.”

Izzy’s Steaks and Chops: Reviews

Andrew: “I always get the same thing: the marinated skirt steak, medium. It’s a generous portion of skirt steak bursting with tons of flavor, thanks to the exceptional marinade.”
Kimberly: “In terms of the sides, we LOVED the creamed spinach, it had a touch of nutmeg, I believe, and was sinfully rich and satisfying.”
Kaley: ” I had ordered the strip steak, and my dining companion chose the prime rib. Being used to top cuts of meat, I was disappointed with the amount of fat and the lack of tenderness in the beef.”

El Huarache Loco: Reviews

Kimberly: “The tortillas for the tacos and the huaraches are made on site by hand which makes everything so very fresh and delicious.”
Andrew: “I loved the cecina. All the flavors mixing together really filled my mouth in an incredible way, making for a great taco.”
Kaley: ” The handmade corn quesadilla that was served with squash blossoms won the award for the day.”

Helmand Palace: Reviews

Kaley: “To start, be sure to try the kaddo appetizer. This pan-fried and baked baby pumpkin melts in your mouth.”
Kimberly: “The raviolis seemed to be homemade and quite delicate, however, I found the split peas to be a bit tough, i.e. undercooked, and the seasoning of dried mint to be too overpowering for the dish.”
Andrew: “The 2nd entrée was the koufta challow: beef meatballs with Afghan seasoning sautéed with sun-dried tomato, hot peppers, and green peas in a tomato sauce served with challow rice. The meatballs were absolutely delicious. “

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