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Izzy’s Steaks and Chops: Reviews

Andrew: “I always get the same thing: the marinated skirt steak, medium. It’s a generous portion of skirt steak bursting with tons of flavor, thanks to the exceptional marinade.”
Kimberly: “In terms of the sides, we LOVED the creamed spinach, it had a touch of nutmeg, I believe, and was sinfully rich and satisfying.”
Kaley: ” I had ordered the strip steak, and my dining companion chose the prime rib. Being used to top cuts of meat, I was disappointed with the amount of fat and the lack of tenderness in the beef.”

El Huarache Loco: Reviews

Kimberly: “The tortillas for the tacos and the huaraches are made on site by hand which makes everything so very fresh and delicious.”
Andrew: “I loved the cecina. All the flavors mixing together really filled my mouth in an incredible way, making for a great taco.”
Kaley: ” The handmade corn quesadilla that was served with squash blossoms won the award for the day.”

Helmand Palace: Reviews

Kaley: “To start, be sure to try the kaddo appetizer. This pan-fried and baked baby pumpkin melts in your mouth.”
Kimberly: “The raviolis seemed to be homemade and quite delicate, however, I found the split peas to be a bit tough, i.e. undercooked, and the seasoning of dried mint to be too overpowering for the dish.”
Andrew: “The 2nd entrée was the koufta challow: beef meatballs with Afghan seasoning sautéed with sun-dried tomato, hot peppers, and green peas in a tomato sauce served with challow rice. The meatballs were absolutely delicious. “

Tanguito: Reviews

Jeff: “It’s essentially a food truck that is permanently parked near Fisherman’s Wharf. The empanadas are a must-have.”
Carol: “I must say that for food truck food, this steak is as good if not better (and definitely was juicier) than the steak house steaks I’ve had.”
Mike: “Tanguito redeemed themselves with their dulce de leche crepe. It was great!”

VEGA: Reviews

Mike: “My favorite dish is the Gnocchi alla Boscaiola, a house made gnocchi served with mushrooms, Italian sausage, Parmigiano cheese, and a touch of white truffle oil. VEGA’s gnocchi will melt in your mouth.”
Jeff: ” I found VEGA’s pizza a little doughy, not quite as crispy as Piccino’s or Delfina’s.”
Carol: “The entrees were outstanding for each of us. My gnocchi were pillows of lightness, not heavy at all.”

Kabuto Sushi: Reviews

Karrie: “Combining flavors like seared foie gras with raspberry vinaigrette and buttery hamachi with stone ground mustard and sliced fresh pear, Kabuto challenges your palate to let go and experience something more than classic sushi and sashimi.”
Bill: “I then had Tasmanian salmon, and it was amazing. It was light, ‘melt in your mouth’ great.”
Kevin: “When I dine out, I look for quality, service, atmosphere, and value. Kabuto only delivered on quality.”

Pazzia Restaurant & Pizzeria: Reviews

Kevin: “It’s like a visit to Italy without leaving San Francisco.”
Karrie: “But while the food was extremely fresh and aesthetically beautiful, the flavors weren’t very original, and I thought the food was pretty expensive for not being very memorable.”
Bill: “We then shared a mushroom and sausage pizza, and it was wonderful. It was very thin with a toasty crust.”

Pork Store Café: Reviews

Chelsea: “That day, the Tasty Nest was what I craved: crisp hash browns covered with cheesy garlic, peppers, and onions with just a touch of bacon, and you can’t go wrong.”
Robert: “Sorry vegans, this is not a good place for you, since veggie scrambles are cooked on the same grill where meats are prepared.”
Peter: “Sadly, its namesake Pork Store special was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen on a plate, which made this experience all the more comical.”

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