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La Ciccia: Reviews

David: “The feeling of Sardinia comes through in every meal at La Ciccia.”
Amy: “The linguine noodles were housemade and cooked to absolute perfection.”
Irene: “Overall the focus seemed to be on letting fresh ingredients shine without overworking them.”

Sushi Groove: Reviews

Amy: “The fish portions were generous and extremely fresh. To DIE for.”
David:“The rolls were well prepared and creative. They definitely won’t pass for ‘traditional,’ however for fusion-style sushi, they work very well.”
Irene:“I would go back just for the Veggie Dragon with its avocado, perfectly cooked eggplant, asparagus tempura, and sweet sauce.”

Auntie April’s Chicken, Waffles & Soul Food: Reviews

Tom: “If you’re the kind of person interested in heading to a new neighborhood to check out a community-serving, butter-drenched restaurant with a lot of soul, head on down to Auntie April’s.”
Stacy: “Our chicken and waffle combos were delicious. The chicken was hot and crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. The waffles — wow.”
Terrence: “Auntie April’s special hot sauce was one of my favorite parts.”

Butterfly Restaurant: Reviews

Terrence: “Butterfly’s origins in the ‘California-Asian fusion’ movement are pulled off better than any restaurant I’ve been to.”
Tom: “For $21, my guest and I got to choose between three tantalizing options for a first course, entrée, and dessert. Yes!”
Stacy: “Overall, our experience was excellent and not only would we go back, we would also take our discriminating foodie friends here.”

Chez Spencer: Reviews

Susan: “Chez Spencer is a hidden, romantic oasis in the Mission, a secret one should definitely share & experience with a loved one.”
Eric: “An elegant, unfussy, upscale French brasserie featuring simple, perfect ingredients, expertly prepared and served by a warm and caring staff in a lovely space that felt like an oasis of tranquility.”
Ali: “I will definitely keep Chez Spencer on my shortlist of places to go on date night!”

Broken Record: Reviews

Ali: “The bacon burger is, in my opinion, one of the best burgers in San Francisco.”
Susan: “I dug the atmosphere and thought the food was OK; definitely GOOD for bar food and/or if you are in a decadent mood.”
Eric: “I understand the ‘dive bar with great food’ concept, but this execution didn’t work for me.”

Marnee Thai Restaurant: Reviews

Eric: “The food is clearly the star of the show here. It’s a no nonsense interior, where the quality, consistency, and value of the food shine.”
Ali: “The food was, once again, fantastic, and really is just like you would get in Thailand.”
Susan: “If one is looking for a fun, delicious, ethnic experience with excellent service and affordable prices, Marnee Thai is a NO BRAINER!”

Lahore Karahi: Reviews

Liz: “This is a place you come to for the food and the excellent value rather than the atmosphere.”
JR: “You’ll find out why it’s the food and not the service that has customers coming back.”
Jeff: “Most dishes are as low as $2 and as high as $7.50, a great bargain in these times.”

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