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Pho Vi Hoa: Reviews

Garrett: “The star dish, however, is and always will be the beef pho.”
Becky: “If you avoid the fattier cuts of meat, Pho Vi Hoa is healthy and cheap, and definitely a place I’d go for a quick lunch or dinner if I were in the immediate area.”
Salvatore: “I have Pho about once a week, and perhaps I’m used to my standard place, but I found this one a bit on the salty side, and the chicken strangely dry, as though it had be roasted rather than soaked in a broth.”

Grand Café: Reviews

Salvatore: “I had the Herb Gnocchi, which would have impressed my Italian grandmother.”
Becky: “For our entrees, I ordered the Steak and Fries and my boyfriend had the Roasted Duck Breast. Both were so delicious that they defied a description.”
Garrett: “However, the entrees were frustratingly inconsistent, even amongst the elements comprising a single dish.”

All Spice: Reviews

All Spice: Reviews

Peter: “My entrée was Shortrib Vindaloo, and I questioned why they gave me a knife, as the meat was fork tender and easily eaten that way.”
Bill: “I also got to taste their braised scallops, which were melt-in-your-mouth delicious”
Amanda: “We started with the short rib vindaloo…it was love at first bite.”

Sorella di Zza’s: Reviews

Bill: “All the dishes came in huge portions and were very delicious!”
Peter: “The presentation of all the dishes was extremely plain.”
Amanda: “The (pizza) crust was thin and crunchy, delightfully firm all the way through the center of the pie.”

Hillstone: Reviews

Amanda: “My personal favorite thing to eat at Hillstone is their fire-grilled artichoke”
Bill: “My main entree, the “Hawaiian” Rib Eye, prepared medium rare, was melt-in-your-mouth delicious!”
Peter: “I had the Special of the Day, which was a Rib-eye that was done perfectly. The only complaint I had was that the meat tasted like it had been salted twice.”

Rivoli Restaurant: Reviews

Larry the O: “The gnocchi had a creamy, polenta-like texture that just melted in my mouth, while the chestnuts had a soft chewiness to them.”
Sarah: “Overall, Rivoli is a fine restaurant perhaps for an anniversary, birthday or for a Tuesday night retirement celebration.”
Gabe: “But the Portobello mushroom fritters are Rivoli’s claim to fame, and deservedly so—chewy, rich and crunchy with light, greaseless seasoned breadcrumbs.”

The Chairman (Food Truck): Reviews

Sarah: “Till this day, I have yet to taste anything as delicious as their steamed pork belly buns.”
Larry the O: “I am not a major pork guy, but the tender pork belly was exquisite.”
Gabe: “But there’s a reason why the majority of the 900-plus Yelp reviews worship the one true God of the Chairman Truck—crispy pork belly.”

Station House Café: Reviews

Gabe: “My favorite dish is the Hangtown Fry.”
Sarah: “Fettuccine with mussels quickly became our tables’ favorite dish.”
Larry the O: “Warm, light, and with egg and milk on the inside cooked but not quite crisp, the popovers lasted a few minutes at most. Don’t miss these.”

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