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Izakaya Yuzuki: Reviews [now Kuzuki Japanese Eatery]

Meyeon: “This is a place where you relax at the end of a long day and enjoy Japanese fare unlike any you have tasted before.”
Beth: “The food was unremarkable, but I’d return with sake fans for the outstanding selection.”
Mark: “The standout dish was the Aji no hiraki (horse mackerel), with a side of citrusy oroshi ponzu.”

Souk Savanh Restaurant: Reviews

Mark: “Consider ordering your first dish with just 1-2, then taste it and place your other orders based on that experience.”
Meyeon: “The food is traditional Lao cuisine with familiar Thai food options prepared by a friendly Lao family.”
Beth: “Another recommended dish was the spicy wings. They arrived “three bears style”– not too hot, not too bland, just right.”

Zaré at Fly Trap: Reviews [now The Fly Trap]

Brad: ” The pistachio meatballs are the signature appetizer on the menu.”
Kristine: “More impressive was the short ribs with lentils that my boyfriend had. I was wishing I had ordered that.”
Mac: “I’m not a huge baklava eater, but I liked Zare’s version quite a bit; an aficionado would go nuts for it, I bet.”

Barrio Fiesta Restaurant: Reviews

Kristine: “If you’re a novice and want to go where the ‘locals go’ this is the place to start your love with Filipino food.”
Brad: “Then the Garlic Chicken came — crisped chicken fried in soft margarine with garlic. I really liked this.”
Mac: “But most of the food was too heavy for my taste. The crispy pata (pig knuckle) was tender and flavorful, though as a knuckle novice, I had some practical trouble tackling the dish (Which bits do I eat?).”

Flora: Reviews

Mac: “And dessert — their caramel pudding is justly famous: a white dish filled with velvety caramel and topped with sea salt crystals.”
Kristine: “The Burger ($16), which was grass-fed and house ground, was juicy and had that charcoal, backyard barbecue splendor.”
Brad: “‘Carter Beats the Devils’ is the Flora version of the margarita. The combination of Tequila, Mescal and the chili made for a smooth drink with a bit of a kick.”

Angkor Borei: Reviews

Angkor Borei: Reviews

Karen: “Angkor Borei has been a hidden gem in the Mission for 26 years.”
Joel: “OMG so good, like a dance at the table, flavors sung to us- dish after dish, with the pumpkin curry being the highlight.”
Pepi: ” The best dish was the Ahmohk, a delicately flavored fish mousse, with bite-sized pieces of fish that retained a firm texture.”

Indigo Restaurant: Reviews

Pepi: “The plump flavorful mussels in a wine broth flavored with spring onions are the best I’ve ever had.”
Although the appetizers were good and well-priced, the main courses definitely didn’t have the gustatory sophistication and depth of flavor to follow.”
Joel: “My grilled salmon with ginger soy glaze was delicious and perfectly cooked.”

Farallon: Reviews

Joel: “Perfectly paced service, wait staff well-versed on the dishes and their origin.”
Pepi: “The food was excellent, using very fresh ingredients allowed to retain their individual flavors.”
Karen: “Appetizers were disappointing, main courses were decent, the dessert was exceptional!”

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