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Big 4 Restaurant: Reviews

Nancy: “Their specialty is the pot pie, and it’s the best — wonderfully balanced flavors of light but creamy sauce, large bites of perfectly prepared chicken, English peas, small white onions, and potatoes.
Stu: ” In sum: measured, clean, and precise service.”
Trevor: “You come here to eat meat or the house specialty, game.”

Source Restaurant: Reviews

Lee: “Once bitten into, the patty, made with beets, other vegetables and lentils, was reminiscent of a traditional medium rare burger.”
Michael: “We started with Peking Quack Spring Roll: delicious. I could’ve eaten a dozen of those and been happy.”
Andrew: “It had a nice sear to it, and since it’s made with beets, it was even red like a nice medium rare burger would look. The flavor exploded in my mouth.”

Morning Due Cafe: Reviews

Michael: “I got the Mediterranean Omelet…It was scrumptious and turned a grey day into slightly overcast.”
Andrew: “The service wasn’t great, but not bad. The food, for the price, was subpar.”
Lee: “The portions were very generous, the quality of the food was largely exceptional, and the service was outstanding.”

Mua: Reviews

Andrew: “The Beef Bone Marrow is just melt-in-your mouth goodness…”
Lee: “The music was loud but did not seem to interfere when we first sat down; however, as the evening progressed, it became more difficult to converse.”
Michael: “The calamari was “a tad bland,” but I liked the cornmeal crust and cost. The carpaccio was outstanding.”

Caffe La Scala: Reviews

Nicolette: “My favorite is the unbelievably delicious mushroom soup.”
Eric: “it did not stand out in anyway with the exception of the gelato.”
Roger: “It was surprisingly good for café fare. I had the chicken panini, which was very tasty.”

Lers Ros: Reviews

Roger: “the restaurant is not afraid to serve Thai dishes, even regional ones like this sausage, in an authentic way.”
Nicolette: “We then had the whole sea bass. I am not a huge seafood person, but this was delightful, and I find myself craving it often.”
Eric: ” The pork belly dish was fantastic, and I would order that anywhere.”

1300 on Fillmore: Reviews

Eric: “My wife had the boneless short ribs, which is my favorite dish.”
Roger: “I ordered their famed fried chicken – the chicken was cooked perfectly, and the breading was nice and crunchy and flaked off but the flavor of the breading was not to our liking.”
Nicolette: ” It’s hard to find really good mac and cheese, and this delivered.”

Phnom Penh House: Reviews

Becky: “The incredible charbroiled chicken also comes with a side of my favorite pickled vegetables in the world.”
Garrett: “The charbroiled beef skewers were garlicky and richly beefy, with a dark, caramel sweetness that beautifully complemented the smoky grilled flavor.”
Salvatore: “The food is incredible. Everything smells, looks and tastes fresh, and is perfectly seasoned to add flavor rather than overwhelm.”

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