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Loló Restaurant: Reviews

Michael: “You always have to get the tropical tacos and the lamb burger sliders.”
Bill: “this wine margarita offers a quite refreshing drink without the intensity of the tequila.”
Taylor: “Of the 12 tapas, the major stars were lamb sliders, crab tostadas, and arugula salad.”

Salute E Vita Ristorante: Reviews

Bill: “addictive happy hours in the bar offer stellar sunsets and feature some of the best British fish and chips as well as one of the best American hamburgers in the Bay Area!”
Michael: “Most people seem to be there for the views as the food is clearly secondary.”
Taylor: “The food is standard but absolutely can’t compare to some of the better Italian restaurants in San Francisco or the East Bay.”

Le Garage: Reviews

Taylor: “The food is high-quality French cuisine, yet the menu remains fairly accessible.”
Michael: ” The bread that is served with the meal was so good in fact that we asked where they got it from, and we will be tracking them down at our local farmer’s market.”
Bill: “There is an unusually good selection of wines by both the glass and bottle.”

Café Borrone: Reviews

Trevor: “A trio of compact perfect Dungeness crab cakes, shaped like the French pastries cannelés are everything you hope for in crab cakes: all crab, with next to no filler…”
Stu: “Being a non-drinker myself and having challenges in finding plentiful non-alcoholic options, Borrone was the best and offered many wonderful options.”
Nancy: “It was like a huge coffee shop with food at very high prices, also considering we weren’t in the City.”

Wexler’s: Reviews

Stu: “The absolute best thing on the menu is the scotch eggs.”
Trevor: “Wexler’s is everything that barbeque usually is not: a chic, minimalist mid-range to upscale bistro in the heart of the city’s financial district.”
Nancy: “The food was excellent: perfectly prepared, but it could have been much warmer when we got it.”

Big 4 Restaurant: Reviews

Nancy: “Their specialty is the pot pie, and it’s the best — wonderfully balanced flavors of light but creamy sauce, large bites of perfectly prepared chicken, English peas, small white onions, and potatoes.
Stu: ” In sum: measured, clean, and precise service.”
Trevor: “You come here to eat meat or the house specialty, game.”

Source Restaurant: Reviews

Lee: “Once bitten into, the patty, made with beets, other vegetables and lentils, was reminiscent of a traditional medium rare burger.”
Michael: “We started with Peking Quack Spring Roll: delicious. I could’ve eaten a dozen of those and been happy.”
Andrew: “It had a nice sear to it, and since it’s made with beets, it was even red like a nice medium rare burger would look. The flavor exploded in my mouth.”

Morning Due Cafe: Reviews

Michael: “I got the Mediterranean Omelet…It was scrumptious and turned a grey day into slightly overcast.”
Andrew: “The service wasn’t great, but not bad. The food, for the price, was subpar.”
Lee: “The portions were very generous, the quality of the food was largely exceptional, and the service was outstanding.”

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