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Little Shin Shin Restaurant: Reviews

Little Shin Shin Restaurant: Reviews

Joan: “The hot and sour soup at this restaurant is what I crave when I am under the weather because it makes me feel good every time.”
Christopher: “The broccoli beef however was superb; it reminded me of the broccoli beef I used to eat two to three times a week at my favorite Chinese restaurant as a child.”
Scott: “The entrees were stellar, especially the prawns.”

The Refuge: Reviews

The Refuge: Reviews

Christopher: “They have what is arguably the best pastrami in the Bay Area and very likely the west coast.”
Joan: “The house-made pickled veggies were outstanding and the Barbacoa Nachos (with beef on the side) were extra tasty”
Scott: “The pastrami was too lean, fat = taste!”

Canela Bistro and Wine Bar: Reviews

Canela Bistro and Wine Bar: Reviews

Scott: “Among the four entrees we ordered, the halibut was the standout.”
Christopher: “Canela is a nice place to have both a fancy meal or amazing clams and churros; I will definitely be returning.”
Joan: “Though we were very satisfied with our overall experience, the cuisine fell short of some of my favorite tapas from Spain.”

Aslam’s Rasoi: Reviews

Jack: “Everything is made fresh, all the portions are generous, and the customer service is outstanding.”
Jill: “The mixed tandoori grill was one of the standout dishes and all the grilled items were hot and flavored with different spices.”
Michelle: “Although the food was fresh and tasty, there was nothing else that really made it stand out in terms of offerings or flavor.”

Poesia: Reviews

Jill: “The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and not only went out of their way to accommodate our vegan diners but also offered gluten-free options…”
Michelle: “The menu is both creative and seasonal and I appreciated their desire to follow the principles of the Slow Food Movement by choosing local, organic and sustainable foods, including their meats.”
Jack: “Our favorites were the lamb shanks, gluten-free pasta with braised pork ragù and the tiramisu.”

encuentro café and wine bar: Reviews

Michelle: “They also have amazing desserts, some of which are dairy-free, like tiramisu, hazelnut pudding and their amazing chocolate cake.”
Jack: “My favorite was the bruschetta with roasted beets, goat cheese with a balsamic reduction and chives.”
Jill: “The delicious salads were layered with texture and flavor.”

Hunan Home’s Restaurant: Reviews

Emily: ” We enjoy all of their soups including their famous Hot and Sour and Wonton.”
Scott: “Almost across the board, all the dishes were over salted and lacked any depth of flavor. The lone standout was the hot & sour soup.”
Lyrics Born: “I found the service to be slightly on the impatient and indifferent side, and the food to be good, and solid, but not mind-blowing. However…it was cheap.”

Radius Restaurant and Café: Reviews [now Carafe]

Scott: “If you’re a meat-eater, get the fried chicken — it’s to die for.”
Emily: “The chocolate cake was light and spongy, and the textural contrast of the tiny cocoa nibs along with the rich salted caramel made this dish quite memorable.”
Lyrics Born: “The lamb however, was utterly fantastic! Tender and juicy, it was sooo soft on my fork.”

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