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The Rotunda of Neiman Marcus: Reviews

Herman: “You get a world class view of Union Square, under a sundrenched stain glass dome and impeccable service and wonderful food.”
Allison: “The service was outstanding!”
Eric: “Wild Mushroom Ravioli w/Shitake broth, edamame and snow peas was wonderful, best dish with big fresh Ravioli stuffed with wild mushrooms and a beautiful broth.”

Pompei’s Grotto: Reviews

Brian: “I really like the atmosphere; it is nostalgic in an old San Fran fisherman’s wharf way, casual, with red and white checker tablecloths with candles on the table, low lighting, and wood paneled walls.”
Nicole: “The sole in the Sole Sandwich seemed fresh… thankfully the coating on the fish was minimal, however, very bland.”
Jennifer: “However, the food was underwhelming, and the total bill was a bit pricey for the quality.”

Lillie Mae’s House of Soul Food: Reviews

Nicole: “This is THE best fried chicken I’ve ever had.”
Brian: “The two best things about the meal were the corn bread, which was moist and sweet with whole corn kernels in the batter, and the hush puppies that had a beefy rough grain-fried crust, like an apple fritter.”
Jennifer: “I went for the all you can eat Sunday brunch and felt that the food quality, taste and variety were all very good. My favorite dish was the mac & cheese.”

SPQR: Reviews

Jennifer: “Items from every section of the menu are exciting to try, but my absolute favorite part is the homemade pasta!”
Nicole: “Our service was IMPECCABLE from start to finish.”
Brian: “I feel the interesting and innovative ingredients used in their pastas are what really set this restaurant apart from others.”

Maverick: Reviews

Beth: “Fried chicken (the only permanent menu item) did not disappoint. A Mary’s free range thigh and boneless breast is marinated in buttermilk for 24 hours.”
Mark: “Equally as divine, the fatty-in-a-good-way pork chop had that juicy, fun-to-chew texture of fine pork.”
Meyeon: “The seafood creations are especially excellent.”

Izakaya Yuzuki: Reviews

Meyeon: “This is a place where you relax at the end of a long day and enjoy Japanese fare unlike any you have tasted before.”
Beth: “The food was unremarkable, but I’d return with sake fans for the outstanding selection.”
Mark: “The standout dish was the Aji no hiraki (horse mackerel), with a side of citrusy oroshi ponzu.”

Souk Savanh Restaurant: Reviews

Mark: “Consider ordering your first dish with just 1-2, then taste it and place your other orders based on that experience.”
Meyeon: “The food is traditional Lao cuisine with familiar Thai food options prepared by a friendly Lao family.”
Beth: “Another recommended dish was the spicy wings. They arrived “three bears style”– not too hot, not too bland, just right.”

Zaré at Fly Trap: Reviews

Brad: ” The pistachio meatballs are the signature appetizer on the menu.”
Kristine: “More impressive was the short ribs with lentils that my boyfriend had. I was wishing I had ordered that.”
Mac: “I’m not a huge baklava eater, but I liked Zare’s version quite a bit; an aficionado would go nuts for it, I bet.”

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