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Lahore Karahi: Reviews

Liz: “This is a place you come to for the food and the excellent value rather than the atmosphere.”
JR: “You’ll find out why it’s the food and not the service that has customers coming back.”
Jeff: “Most dishes are as low as $2 and as high as $7.50, a great bargain in these times.”

Patio Filipino: Reviews

JR: “It’s the food that not only fulfills, but also showcases the country’s rich colonial history.”
Liz: “All of the dishes really lend themselves to sharing, as they are generously portioned and served family-style.”
Jeff: “The accompanying vegetable dish of ginataang sitaw at kalabasa, however, was a revelation.”

Sam’s Grill and Seafood Restaurant: Reviews

Jeff: “This is not a fussy or pretentious restaurant, but rather a throwback to the past.”
JR: “If you are looking for fresh seafood, this is your place. But beware: in exchange for freshness, you give up the flavor.”
Liz: “If I had to describe the food to someone in one word, I would say, ‘plain.’”

deedee’s: Reviews

Raji:“Great food at a great price in very homey and not fussy surroundings.”
Ray: “Unfortunately, I found most of the dishes to be rather flat in flavor, with the dominant taste being just salt.”
Serdar: “I do have to admit that the taste of food was, most likely, as authentic as you can get in terms of the regional cuisine.”

Pomelo: Reviews

Ray: “The amount of good eating that I got for $22…was excellent.”
Serdar: “I have added Pomelo to my favorites list as a perfect ‘neighborhood, any time, casual’ restaurant.”
Raji: “The food, except for the otsu, had a lackluster performance.”

Farina Focaccia & Cucina Italiana: Reviews

Serdar: “…always serves us perfectly executed meals with carefully selected ingredients.”
Ray: “The dinner out left me (just) satisfied, but left my wallet much lighter…”
Raji: “Great drinks, egg dishes & hand-rolled pasta. Will pass on dessert…”

2223 Restaurant & Bar: Reviews [CLOSED]

Evan: “Downtown quality food at neighborhood prices.”
David: “Exciting & delicious fare, walking an interesting line between comfort food & the unexpected.”
Denise: “It was the best & most expensive margarita I’d ever tasted.”

Turk and Larkin Deli: Reviews

Denise: “The lunches and salads are fresh, tasty, and appetizing.”
David: “Average deli fare in an exceedingly bad neighborhood”
Evan: “For the price and neighborhood, you really can’t beat it for an American deli.”

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