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the girl and the fig: Reviews

Beth: “It is classic Sonoma and is perfect to end a day of wine tasting.”
Gary: “The fish was crispy, yet fork tender, and the potato and spinach were great complements, but my favorite part was the lemon-caper butter drizzle (fantastic).”
Brian: “The mussels were ok. We had several that did not open which I was surprised by but even that did not irate me much as the fries.”

Patxi’s Pizza: Reviews

Brian: “Patxi’s Chicago Pizza serves up the best, most authentic Chicago-style pizza anywhere outside of the Windy City.”
Julie: “This pizza was delicious — the combination of the chorizo, jalapeños, and coppa was mouth-watering.”
Karen: “My favorite was the spinach-pesto pan pizza just because the pesto was so good. “

Mercury Lounge: Reviews [CLOSED]

Julie: “What I really like about the dishes here is that they are designed for sharing, which provides a great way to try a little bit of everything and makes the dining experience more intimate.”
Karen: “Our immediate impression of Mercury Lounge was nothing more than a loud bar crowded with musical equipment and in general disarray.”
Brian: “The main courses were the highlights, led by the pork sisig. This dish absolutely stole the show for my group.”

Trueburger: Reviews

Karen: “This is a place that offers a straightforward, fresh, and focused approach to the burger.”
Brian: “The absolute star of the show was undoubtedly the True Deluxe, a cheeseburger plus a whole portabella mushroom that has been stuffed with smoked mozzarella, breaded, and deep-fried.”
Julie: “To my delight, the fries were cooked perfectly — crispy and not too salty and the traditional thin kind, which I prefer over wedge fries.”

Alhamra Indian and Pakistani Restaurant: Reviews

David: “So first and foremost, Alhamra is at the top of my list because they can deliver the spice.”
Sarah: “Next up was the chicken tikka masala. The chicken used was good quality, the meat was cooked well, and the sauce was a good flavor.”
Tony: “My wife and I both agreed that if we were living in the Mission District or even in the surrounding areas, Alhamra would become a regular take-away place for us.”

Mandalay: Reviews

Sarah: “It comes to the table unmixed, and then your waiter or waitress will toss everything together after pointing out each ingredient. This is one of my favorite parts of coming here.”
Tony: “The last dish to arrive at the table was the tea-smoked duck. This dish was by far the standout of the meal.”
David: “The samusa soup is a must at this place.”

Cafe Gibraltar: Reviews [CLOSED]

Tony: “The seafood is perfectly cooked and, enhanced by the spice and curry notes of the broth, delectable and exotic in flavor.”
David: “The service was outstanding. Despite its “fine-dining” status, this place had not one lick of snobbery.”
Sarah: “I have four words for you: five course tasting menu.”

Grand Oaks Restaurant and Sports Lounge: Reviews

Nino: “The portions were huge. The pork was well cooked; it was very moist and flavorful.”
Alexia: “After dinner, everyone present said they would come back to Grand Oaks because of the food. The prices were exceptional for the portion and quality of the food.”

Matthew: “The food was great, the service was great, and the place is a fun, friendly, sports bar. I could also see this being a great place to watch the Giants.”

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