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Sichuan Fortune House: Reviews

Rhonda: “This is a gem among all the Chinese restaurants in this area because of its authentic Sichuan cuisine!”
John: “Overall, Sichuan Fortune House offers good bang for the buck, the welcome is second to none, the staff are quick, responsive, and nice, and the menu is extensive and intriguing.”
Maroun: “That, to me, represents incredible value for money, considering the superior quality of the food.”

Manor Coffee House: Reviews

John: “The food is traditional, tasty diner, of high quality, and a very good value.”
Rhonda: “The waitress knew many customers by name, and you got this feeling of comfy and hominess, which is a quality that’s hard to find in today’s hurried business world.”
Maroun: “I looked across and saw a whimsical looking tower of potato chips, aptly called the “Silly Spuds.” We both looked at each other and instantly agreed to order one…”

L’Ardoise Bistro: Reviews

Maroun: “If I could have a choice for my very last meal on earth, it would be a dinner at L’Ardoise.”
John: “The plates at L’Ardoise tended to muster up a ‘best 2 out of 3′ result.”
Rhonda: “We started off with the Tiger prawn ravioli, which was to die for.”

Addis Ethiopian Restaurant: Reviews

Marina: “Addis is great for both an Ethiopian food novice, and an aficionado of the cuisine.”
Eric: “The taste of the injera, however, is shamwow! It has a great sourdough flavor, but does not overwhelm the food it is supporting.”
Gina: “The eating with the hands part was also a good time because how often do you get to do that, right?”

Woodhouse Fish Co.: Reviews

Gina: “I need to warn you, once you’ve tried the lobster roll, there’s really no going back.”
Marina: “I would definitely recommend this restaurant to shellfish aficionados.”
Eric: “The menu has an excellent sampling of crab shack fare.”

Panama Hotel & Restaurant: Reviews

Eric: “The overall experience is delightfully comfortable and it calls me back often.”
Gina: “It was one of those meals that when you’ve clearly had enough, you continue to stare at it and pick at it despite being at full stomach capacity.”
Marina: “The meal was great, the atmosphere was warm and inviting, and we had lots of fun with the wine flight.”

El Metate: Reviews

Rolando: “The food is prepared fresh daily with local produce.”
Diane: “What made the trip worth the effort were the horchata cupcakes. With their cinnamon-nutmeg taste, this creamy little spice cake was out of sight.”
Alexis: “The piece of battered fish in the fish taco was large and tasted very good.

CreoLa Bistro: Reviews

Diane: “Creola is a real gem; a little bit of N’awlins on the Peninsula.”
Rolando: “Overall CreoLa Bistro was warm, hospitable and cozy, but it lacked innovation and imagination.”
Alexis: “This is definitely the kind of restaurant where you can order right or wrong.”

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