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DOSA on Fillmore: Reviews

Suzanne: “This watermelon, paneer, and sprouted mung bean salad was a unique blend of seasonal flavors and traditional ingredients and textures, a testament to Dosa’s unique appeal.”
Mike: ” I used all of the gunpowder to make the paste, consequently requiring a second ginger type drink, a Batsman, after consuming the first to extinguish the flames.”

Cathy: “We were very pleased with the pacing and order that the meal was served, one dish at a time. It allowed us to savor the flavors of each dish and not feel rushed or worried over our food getting cold.”

Gather: Reviews

Cathy: “The salads are always a delicious surprise. One of my go-to dishes is the kale salad, which has been a staple on the menu since the restaurant opened.”
Suzanne: “The charcuterie approached the fabled realms of molecular gastronomy, which was a new experience for us, and the highlight of the night.”
Mike: “My wife said the burger was absolutely scrumptious, especially the taste of the aioli, a caramelized shallot-tomato sauce.”

Sapore Italiano Ristorante: Reviews

Mike: “The signature dishes of Sapore are their pastas. There are eight choices on their menu, and they will put a different sauce on the pasta of your choice if that is your preference.”
Cathy: “The pizza wasn’t hot (it was actually cold in places), which made us suspect that it came right from the box into the oven.”
Suzanne: ” We wanted to like it, but the mediocre food could not overcome the pitiful service we received.”

The Peasant & The Pear: Reviews

Scott: “The seasonal menu changes at least once every three months to reflect the available local ingredients, and we dined from the Summer 2011 menu.”
Ruth-Ann: ” But the winner, hands down, was the warm pear tart with its flaky crust and caramelized pears.”
David: “The lamb shank got the most attention from our table. The portion size was ridiculous. The shank looked like the dinosaur bone that knocked over Fred Flintstone’s car at the drive-in.”

Spork: Reviews [CLOSED]

Ruth-Ann: “It’s the former home of the Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Mission. And, of course, their name is inspired by the utensil that KFC popularized — the spork.”
Scott: “Not so at Spork: the desserts were to die for! The Pot Brownie was rich, yet not overly sweet.”
David: “My niece loved the shake, and I loved being able to tell her to “Talk to your father” when she asked me how the restaurant could not know that “MILF Shake” on the menu was a misspelling.”

Ristorante Ideale: Reviews

David: “Ideale is the only place I can go to that takes me out of the Bay Area, and into a noisy side street in Rome.”
Ruth-Ann: “Overall, I thought that this was at best an average dining experience. The food was only ok (with the exception of the pizza, which was amazing).”
Scott: “To sum it up: Great ingredients, most of them homemade, prepared simply and well.”

Rhea’s Market and Deli: Reviews

Brian: “We all got the Korean steak sandwich, and we were all totally blown away.”
Beth: “We were a little surprised when we arrived at this deli because we were expecting a little more than a sandwich shop inside of a mini-mart; however, the food was not disappointing!”
Gary: “We chose four different “street food” selections. We weren’t disappointed. All four were fantastic.”

Sauce: Reviews

Gary: “We love their portobello mushroom fries with Fat Boy Ranch dipping sauce.”
Brian: “The portions were very generous and therefore the meal was of good value. The service was very friendly and offered advice.”
Beth: “The Pot Roast was “killer!” Normally, I am not the biggest fan of pot roast, however, it was braised well, was crispy on the outside, and had a juicy sauce that was not gelatinous.”

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