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Rivoli Restaurant: Reviews

Larry the O: “The gnocchi had a creamy, polenta-like texture that just melted in my mouth, while the chestnuts had a soft chewiness to them.”
Sarah: “Overall, Rivoli is a fine restaurant perhaps for an anniversary, birthday or for a Tuesday night retirement celebration.”
Gabe: “But the Portobello mushroom fritters are Rivoli’s claim to fame, and deservedly so—chewy, rich and crunchy with light, greaseless seasoned breadcrumbs.”

The Chairman (Food Truck): Reviews

Sarah: “Till this day, I have yet to taste anything as delicious as their steamed pork belly buns.”
Larry the O: “I am not a major pork guy, but the tender pork belly was exquisite.”
Gabe: “But there’s a reason why the majority of the 900-plus Yelp reviews worship the one true God of the Chairman Truck—crispy pork belly.”

Station House Café: Reviews

Gabe: “My favorite dish is the Hangtown Fry.”
Sarah: “Fettuccine with mussels quickly became our tables’ favorite dish.”
Larry the O: “Warm, light, and with egg and milk on the inside cooked but not quite crisp, the popovers lasted a few minutes at most. Don’t miss these.”

Chef Chu’s: Reviews

Lina: “The atmosphere is lively and busy, but never hectic, with reservations highly recommended.”
Chuck: “Lemon Chicken came next, moist inside with a crispy coating and tangy, light and delicious lemon sauce.”
Chandra: “Then we ordered some pot stickers to start, and when our waitress came to bring them to us she said, ‘These are burnt, is that okay?'”

Lanesplitter Pizza and Pub: Reviews

Chuck: “Along with the calzone, the salad at Lanesplitter is a must.”
Lina: “I recommend sticking to the extensive selection of pizzas.”
Chandra: “The service was good and the calzones are exceptional and, in my opinion, better than their pizza.”

chiaroscuro: Reviews

Chandra: ” Following the appetizer I ordered the half order of the carbonara, and it was to die for.”
Chuck: “but then the pasta arrived… called Trilogia, it’s a dish with three spirals, looking like a 50’s beehive, of the most wonderful, differently dressed, pasta.”
Lina: “Chef Alessandro orchestrates a sophisticated and deliciously amazing dining experience.”

Back A Yard Caribbean American Grill: Reviews

Susanna: “I’ve tried a variety of Back A Yard’s offerings (both on my own and for catered events), and always end up returning to the jerk pork.”
Michael: “Pork perfectly cooked and tender, and the sauce had just the right amount of heat.”
Ted: “The Jerk Chicken was perfect!”

Green Chile Kitchen: Reviews

Ted: “It is hard to describe how satisfying the stew is with its spicy hot chile flavor mixed with slow cooked Niman Ranch pork.”
Michael: “My Green Chile-Rubbed Half-Chicken was terrific. The sides were a mixed review at best.”
Susanna: “GREEN CHILE STEW: PHENOMENAL. Everything else was just average/meh.”

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