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Davey Jones Deli: Review

Jeremy: “The meats are roasted onsite, the ingredients are top-notch, and the flavors are outrageously complex and refreshing.”
Corinne: “It’s hard to pinpoint what impressed me most, but I think ten years from now, I will still be dreaming about the bread.”
Linda: “Both the sandwich and the wrap were fantastic. The secret sauces add lots of flavor and welcome acid.”

Izzy’s Steaks and Chops: Reviews

Andrew: “I always get the same thing: the marinated skirt steak, medium. It’s a generous portion of skirt steak bursting with tons of flavor, thanks to the exceptional marinade.”
Kimberly: “In terms of the sides, we LOVED the creamed spinach, it had a touch of nutmeg, I believe, and was sinfully rich and satisfying.”
Kaley: ” I had ordered the strip steak, and my dining companion chose the prime rib. Being used to top cuts of meat, I was disappointed with the amount of fat and the lack of tenderness in the beef.”

El Huarache Loco: Reviews

Kimberly: “The tortillas for the tacos and the huaraches are made on site by hand which makes everything so very fresh and delicious.”
Andrew: “I loved the cecina. All the flavors mixing together really filled my mouth in an incredible way, making for a great taco.”
Kaley: ” The handmade corn quesadilla that was served with squash blossoms won the award for the day.”

Helmand Palace: Reviews

Kaley: “To start, be sure to try the kaddo appetizer. This pan-fried and baked baby pumpkin melts in your mouth.”
Kimberly: “The raviolis seemed to be homemade and quite delicate, however, I found the split peas to be a bit tough, i.e. undercooked, and the seasoning of dried mint to be too overpowering for the dish.”
Andrew: “The 2nd entrée was the koufta challow: beef meatballs with Afghan seasoning sautéed with sun-dried tomato, hot peppers, and green peas in a tomato sauce served with challow rice. The meatballs were absolutely delicious. “

Café Aquarius: Reviews

Carol: “Some of my favorite breakfasts include the lemon ricotta pancakes. They are so delicious, they actually taste good for you.”
Mike: “I can’t say the food was spectacular outside of the soup I had to start, but I can’t say it was bad either.”
Jeff: “The chicken-apple sausage that they used was delicious, and I was a big fan of the home fries. The Mexican-style breakfast tacos were really outstanding.”

Tanguito: Reviews

Jeff: “It’s essentially a food truck that is permanently parked near Fisherman’s Wharf. The empanadas are a must-have.”
Carol: “I must say that for food truck food, this steak is as good if not better (and definitely was juicier) than the steak house steaks I’ve had.”
Mike: “Tanguito redeemed themselves with their dulce de leche crepe. It was great!”

VEGA: Reviews

Mike: “My favorite dish is the Gnocchi alla Boscaiola, a house made gnocchi served with mushrooms, Italian sausage, Parmigiano cheese, and a touch of white truffle oil. VEGA’s gnocchi will melt in your mouth.”
Jeff: ” I found VEGA’s pizza a little doughy, not quite as crispy as Piccino’s or Delfina’s.”
Carol: “The entrees were outstanding for each of us. My gnocchi were pillows of lightness, not heavy at all.”

La Mexicana Restaurant: Reviews

Bill: ” My favorite dinner over the years has been chicken enchilada (notice I said singular) dinner. The portion size is large, and it’s served with tasty refried beans and a savory rice.”
Karrie: “The Chicken de Mole was the best I’ve ever tasted, rich, dark and chocolatey with just the right amount of heat.”
Kevin: “The owner, Emma, is very nice, and her homemade corn tortillas are killer! I am not a fan of corn tortillas, but these were wonderful.”

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