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Station House Café: Reviews

Gabe: “My favorite dish is the Hangtown Fry.”
Sarah: “Fettuccine with mussels quickly became our tables’ favorite dish.”
Larry the O: “Warm, light, and with egg and milk on the inside cooked but not quite crisp, the popovers lasted a few minutes at most. Don’t miss these.”

Davey Jones Deli: Review

Jeremy: “The meats are roasted onsite, the ingredients are top-notch, and the flavors are outrageously complex and refreshing.”
Corinne: “It’s hard to pinpoint what impressed me most, but I think ten years from now, I will still be dreaming about the bread.”
Linda: “Both the sandwich and the wrap were fantastic. The secret sauces add lots of flavor and welcome acid.”

the girl and the fig: Reviews

Beth: “It is classic Sonoma and is perfect to end a day of wine tasting.”
Gary: “The fish was crispy, yet fork tender, and the potato and spinach were great complements, but my favorite part was the lemon-caper butter drizzle (fantastic).”
Brian: “The mussels were ok. We had several that did not open which I was surprised by but even that did not irate me much as the fries.”

Risibisi Italian Restaurant: Reviews

Matthew: “For my main course, I ordered the wild boar and gnocchi. This is a hearty dish that any man would love.”
Nino: “My gnocchi had the same consistency as my friend’s, but I thought the sauce tasted a lot like SpaghettiOs, and my friends agreed.”
Alexia: “Overall, while I enjoyed the pesto, the gnocchi fell flat. Also, the dish needed something to bring it up a notch flavor-wise. A Bam! factor.”

Della Santina’s Trattoria: Reviews

Lois: “The outside is charming with lots of little white lights, fountains and flowers, and overhead heating to keep you warm on a cool evening.”
Ed: “It was very hearty, satisfying Italian fare that tasted very home-style with none of the urban pretense of more expensive eateries.”
Joanna: ” After trying Della Santina’s, I feel that the food is passable. However, there are so many far better choices in Sonoma in terms of food quality, atmosphere, and authenticity.”

Panama Hotel & Restaurant: Reviews

Eric: “The overall experience is delightfully comfortable and it calls me back often.”
Gina: “It was one of those meals that when you’ve clearly had enough, you continue to stare at it and pick at it despite being at full stomach capacity.”
Marina: “The meal was great, the atmosphere was warm and inviting, and we had lots of fun with the wine flight.”

Cyrus: Reviews [CLOSED]

Cyrus: Reviews [CLOSED]

29 North Street (at Healdsburg Avenue)
Healdsburg, CA 95448
Phone: 707-433-3311
Reviewed: Winter 2008

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