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Sichuan Fortune House: Reviews

Rhonda: “This is a gem among all the Chinese restaurants in this area because of its authentic Sichuan cuisine!”
John: “Overall, Sichuan Fortune House offers good bang for the buck, the welcome is second to none, the staff are quick, responsive, and nice, and the menu is extensive and intriguing.”
Maroun: “That, to me, represents incredible value for money, considering the superior quality of the food.”

Addis Ethiopian Restaurant: Reviews

Marina: “Addis is great for both an Ethiopian food novice, and an aficionado of the cuisine.”
Eric: “The taste of the injera, however, is shamwow! It has a great sourdough flavor, but does not overwhelm the food it is supporting.”
Gina: “The eating with the hands part was also a good time because how often do you get to do that, right?”

Babalou’s: Reviews

Irene: “I recommend Babalou’s to anyone who craves savory, fresh food on a budget.”
Amy:“The falafel was light and crispy and had hint of sesame seeds and spice, unlike so many I’ve had that should be used for paper weights. ”
David: “The lamb shawerma was incredibly good. It tasted of very complex spices, and the spicy sauce accompanying it was delicious.”

Incontro Ristorante: Reviews [CLOSED]

Stacy: “Incontro is a little Italian gem in the not-so-picturesque heart of the San Ramon Valley.”
Terrence: “The best thing at Incontro was their fresh, hand-made bread — simply amazing!”
Tom: “One thing that remained consistent throughout our visit to Incontro was the charm and attentiveness of the waitstaff.”

Memo’s Mexican Cuisine House of Pipian: Reviews

William: “We are drawn back to Memo’s for the quality of the food made from family recipes.”
Marie: “The most appropriate word for the food is FLAVOR.”
Fabian: “The chicken pipian with roasted pumpkin seed sauce was wonderful.”

Souls Restaurant: Review

Fabian: “I go there when I want comfort food without having to cook it myself.”
William: “We could see why Soul’s Restaurant is a standard in the area for quality soul food with a home-cooking feel and a very friendly staff.”
Marie: “By far the best dishes were the fried catfish, yams, mac and cheese, and the banana pudding.”

Brown Sugar Kitchen: Reviews

David: “Delicious & innovative food that is exciting to anticipate and satisfying to eat.”
Denise: “I was impressed when I tasted the eggs — it made up for the bad service & the price.”
Evan:“Eat your heart out fast food.”

La Mediterranee: Reviews

La Mediterranee: Reviews

Duncan: “Go here for a work meeting, with out of town visitors, for a sexy date.”
George: “Authentic Mediterranean restaurant, featuring traditional Mid-Eastern atmosphere & serving realistic Lebanese cuisine.”
Patricia: “A definite go-to restaurant!”

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