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Woodward’s Garden: Recipe

Recipe Name: Quince-Huckleberry Galette with Almond
Recipe Chef: Dana Tommasino
Type of Cuisine: American
Food Category: Dessert
Serves: 6
Recipe Description: Quince must be poached before it is edible, and the poaching offers lots of flavor-imparting opportunity: citrus zest, ginger, vanilla bean, star anise, peppercorns, and cloves may be added. I prefer keeping it simple for this freeform tart to let the natural perfume of the quince and the huckleberry shine through. This galette is especially good with fresh whipped cream, crème fraîche, or vanilla ice-cream.

Firefly: Recipe

Recipe Name: Sweet Potato Pancakes
Recipe Chef: Brad Levy
Type of Cuisine: Eclectic
Food Category: Appetizer
Serves: 4-6

Soi Four Bangkok Eatery: Recipe

Recipe Name: Goong Makahm (Tamarind Prawns)
Recipe Chef: Todd Sirimongkolvit
Type of Cuisine: Thai
Food Category: Main Course
Serves: 2
Recipe Description: Lightly battered tiger prawns wok-tossed in a spiced tamarind sauce and served with crisped shallots and garlic.

Jeanty at Jack’s: Recipe

Recipe Name: Moules au Vin Rouge
Recipe Chef: Philippe Jeanty
Type of Cuisine: French
Food Category: Appetizer or Main Course
Serves: 8
Recipe Description: Mussels steamed in Pinot Noir.

Piperade: Recipe

Recipe Name: Pipérade
Recipe Chef: Gerald Hirigoyen
Type of Cuisine: Basque
Food Category: First Course
Serves: 4-5
Recipe Description: Pipérade is a quintessential Basque dish that combines the signature regional ingredients: tomatoes, onion, garlic, chiles, and controversy. Is it a sauce, a side dish, or a meal on its own? Throughout the Basque country each version will be slightly different from the rest. When cooked with eggs (as in this recipe), it may be served as an appetizer, a casual luncheon, or a light supper dish. Without the eggs, pipérade can accompany a range of poultry, meat or fish.

Manresa: Recipe

Recipe Name: Strawberry Gazpacho
Recipe Chef: David Kinch
Type of Cuisine: Contemporary American
Food Category: First Course
Serves: 6
Recipe Description: Cool and refreshing, perfect for spring and summer.

Bissap Baobab: Recipe

Recipe Name: Yassa Chicken
Recipe Chef: Michelle Dieng
Type of Cuisine: Senegalese and West African
Food Category: Main Course
Serves: 4-6

Insalata’s: Recipe

Recipe Name: Lamb Tagine with Pumpkin, Golden Raisins, and Chickpeas
Recipe Chef: Heidi Insalata Krahling
Type of Cuisine: Mediterranean
Food Category: Main Course
Serves: 10-12
Recipe Description: We use non-classic cooking methods for most of our stews. Traditional French cooking teaches that a classic braise begins by searing the meat, deglazing with wine or stock, scraping up the fond, and then covering with liquid. Contrast this to the Moroccan cooking technique of slowly cooking meat in stock or water with aromatics and spices. I use butternut squash in this recipe, but you can use any type of winter squash. You can make the tagine hours ahead; let the tagine cool to room temperature, so that the flavorful liquid can soak into the meat. The result is a velvety succulent stew. Serve with spiced couscous.

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