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Chapeau!: Recipe

Recipe Name: Tart Tatin
Recipe Chef: Philippe Gardelle
Type of Cuisine: French
Food Category: Dessert
Recipe Description: Historically created by two French sisters from the Loire Valley, this is a famous upside-down French apple tart.

Mecca SF: Recipe

Recipe Name: CK Lamb Meatballs with Roasted Peppers and Farm Fresh Egg
Recipe Chef: Randy Lewis
Type of Cuisine: Moroccan
Food Category: Main course or appetizer
Recipe Description: Spicy Moroccan meatballs

El Jarro: Recipe

Recipe Name: Mexican Caesar Salad with Tequila Flambéed Prawns
Recipe Chef: Guillermo Dominguez
Type of Cuisine: Mexican
Food Category: Salad
Recipe Description: Mexican Caesar Salad with Tequila Flambéed Prawns

Maria Manso: Recipe

Recipe Name: Sesame Crusted Tofu
Recipe Chef: Maria Manso
Type of Cuisine: World Fusion
Food Category: Vegetarian Entrée
Recipe Description: Sesame Crusted Tofu

Shalizaar: Recipe

Recipe Name: Mirzaghasemi
Recipe Chef: Saeed Ayagh
Type of Cuisine: Persian
Food Category: Appetizer
Recipe Description: Eggplant Appetizer

Forbes Island: Recipe

Recipe Name: Cilantro Pesto Rice
Recipe Chef: Patricia Blecha
Type of Cuisine: California French
Food Category: Side Dish
Recipe Description: A fresh and flavorful way to prepare rice as a side to fresh fish.

Pacific Café: Recipe

Recipe Name: Halibut Parmesan
Recipe Chef: Ross Warren
Type of Cuisine: Fresh Seafood
Food Category: Main Course
Recipe Description: Firm and flaky halibut baked with a crisp Parmesan crust.

China Village: Recipe

Recipe Name: Garlic Roasted Fish Fillet
Recipe Chef: John Yao
Type of Cuisine: Szechuan
Food Category: Main Course
Recipe Description: Crispy fish with fried garlic in a ginger-soy sauce.

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