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Snacking Behind the Scenes: Episode 2

After about the fourth crew person asking them, “Are you wearing that?” It’s a good idea to soothe the guests that it’s not meant as a criticism.

Check, Please! Bay Area: Season 2: Episode 2 (202)

Bay Area restaurants profiled and reviewed:
1) Hing Lung: | restaurant information | reviews |

2) Absinthe: | restaurant information | reviews |

3) Saylor’s Landing: [CLOSED] | restaurant information | reviews | recipe |

Sex, Please! Bay Area

Although I am critical and analytical of television on a weekly basis, it’s all from the couch potato status. Ironically, I have no idea how a show is mechanically put together.

Check, Please! Bay Area: Season 2: Episode 1 (201)

Bay Area restaurants profiled and reviewed:
1) Memphis Minnie’s Barbeque Joint: | restaurant information | reviews | recipe |

2) Ovation at the Opera: | restaurant information | reviews |

3) Cafe Gratitude: | restaurant information | reviews | recipe |

Second Course: Check, Please! Bay Area

Hey, Bay Area Eaters, are you ready to dream and drool? Well, you’re in luck because starting this Thursday, September 21, the second season of Check, Please! Bay Area is back.

Now Serving: Season Two

Be you a hardcore foodie, a grass-fed gourmand, or just have a mouth that enjoys talking about food as much as devouring it, we’re looking for you.
Apply to be a guest on Check, Please! Bay Area!

Season 1: Episode Roundup

Season 1: Episode Roundup — links to watch the episodes, episode photo galleries, restaurant information, reviews and recipes

Check, Please! Bay Area: Episode 13 (#113)

Check, Please! Bay Area’s episode 13 (#113) profiles and reviews these three Bay Area restaurants:
1) Havana: | restaurant information | reviews |
2) El Huarache Azteca: | restaurant information | reviews |
3) The House: | restaurant information | reviews |

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