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Even If It's Amnesty, Is It Okay?

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The newest statewide poll of voters seems to validate one part of the Steve Poizner strategy in his quest for the GOP gubernatorial nomination while rejecting another… and it all comes down to the hot button issue of illegal immigration. … Continue reading »

Podcast: The Moolah

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Some of my friends who aren’t fans of politics have asked me, “Why can’t all that money spent on campaigns be used to help balance the state budget?” That paradox — plenty of political cash, too little budget cash — … Continue reading »

The Voters That Might Sway Elections

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The latest statewide survey of voters offers some hard to pass up nuggets about two important subsets of the California electorate and how they might sway the state’s biggest November contests — those for governor and the United States Senate. … Continue reading »

Campaign Cash: Burn Rate

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Why Reporters Love Campaign Finance Report Filing Deadlines: (1) It finally forces most candidates and political operations to show their cards and reveal how much money they’ve actually taken in (2) it allows us to see where all the money … Continue reading »

Meg's Big Mo

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If last Tuesday marked a low point for the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, today shows how fast the PR pendulum can swing, as a new poll shows her ahead of all candidates — including Democrat Jerry Brown. … Continue reading »

Republicans Rumble In OC

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COSTA MESA– Meg Whitman. Steve Poizner. 60 minutes of debate in the race for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. More fun than you can possibly imagine on a Monday night. Wait, strike that last one. And yet, tonight’s debate features a … Continue reading »

GOP Day 2: The Breakup

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SANTA CLARA — Leave it to Tom McClintock, long the favorite son of the California Republican Party, to say what only others hinted about all weekend. Heck, what they’d hinted about all year. Arnold Schwarzenegger, we’re breaking up with you. … Continue reading »

GOP Day 1: We Love The Press

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SANTA CLARA — So what did we learn on this first day of the 2010 winter California Republican Party convention? In a nutshell, that messaging is king… and that part of that message is candidates love reporters. And press conferences. … Continue reading »

For Brown, The Beginning of the End

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In a quip he made to the New York Times last year, one the paper reprinted this morning, Jerry Brown joked that the job of governor isn’t much of a career builder. “It’s more of a career ender,” said the … Continue reading »

CA's Big Political Spenders Of The Decade

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A short but powerful snapshot this morning from the state’s political watchdog agency reveals an awful lot about the movers and shakers in California politics this past ten years. But given it’s supposed to be a snapshot of an entire … Continue reading »