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Podcast: State Your Case, Mr. Brown

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Governor Jerry Brown has now performed his two expected duties of the month of January: a budget and, as we saw this week, the State of the State address. Now, the tough work begins. This week’s Capital Notes Podcast mulls … Continue reading »

Brown Urges Action, Vision In State of the State

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If there’s one takeaway from Governor Jerry Brown’s 2012 State of the State address, it may be this: Brown faces the unique task this year of preaching both boldness and austerity… all at the same time. The governor’s roughly 20 … Continue reading »

Podcast: Kabuki 2011

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The most recent California governor became enamored with describing the annual state budget process as synonymous with the Japanese dance drama kabuki. Whether or not it’s an accurate metaphor, one thing’s for sure: the drama didn’t leave just because the … Continue reading »

New Governor, Familiar Fight?

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One wonders how much longer the relatively civil political climate that’s dominated state politics these last few weeks can continue. In fact, there’s a case to be made that it ended Monday night… when Governor Jerry Brown publicly prodded legislative … Continue reading »

More Budget Bits...

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Now that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new budget proposal has had a day to marinate, let’s take a look at a few small, but noteworthy items and themes found among the many micro-facts.

3,507* Words, But Who's Counting?

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A pig and a pony. A dose of old-fashioned Republican orthodoxy and a bit of patriotism. A crowd pleasing defense of public education and a novel proposal that, if adopted, wouldn’t be fully understood until long after he leaves Sacramento. … Continue reading »

Part Motivator, Part Terminator?

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Eleven minutes, 56 seconds. Governor Schwarzenegger’s State of the State address was short… pretty much focused singularly on the state’s fiscal disaster… and vintage Arnold, with a pat on the back and a wagging finger all at the same time. … Continue reading »

The Shelf Life of States of the State

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It’s a big speech. But if you’re the person delivering it, it may not be so fun to go back and examine the words that don’t feel quite the same with the passing of time. This morning, Governor Schwarzenegger delivers … Continue reading »