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Dems Push For One Less Furlough Day

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Arguing that the furloughs of tens of thousands of state workers is “costing the state money and further hurting the economy,” the leader of the state Senate says he intends to push a plan to trim the three days of … Continue reading »

Guv Ups the Budget Ante?

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 22 — If there was ever any doubt that Sacramento is a “company town,” then all you needed to hear was the collective Munch-like scream this afternoon after news broke that Governor Schwarzenegger is considering an executive … Continue reading »

Socially Responsible or Fiscal Fiasco?

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A controversial piece of legislation linking the human rights records of some foreign governments to how and where California’s pension funds can invest… has been shelved for the time being. Several weeks of intense behind-the-scenes debate over new efforts to … Continue reading »