Brown Paddles Left, Right on Bills

Getty/Justin Sullivan

It is easily the most familiar (and perhaps overused) shorthand for Governor Jerry Brown's philosophy of governance and politics. And yet Brown's self-described "canoe theory" seems to have stood the test of time, with his paddling skills put to the test this past week navigating Capitol waters thick with hundreds of pieces of legislation.

For now, the paddle has been laid down, as has the signing pen, giving the public the chance to gauge whether Brown's path was straight or wildly off course.
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Reporter's Notebook: Bill-o-Rama!

September 12, 2011 · Filed Under CA Government, CA Politics, Elections, Taxes · 6 Comments 

California's state legislators have gone home, leaving in their wake hundreds of bills either ratified or rejected. They have also, for the time being, shut down their interparty warfare operations... which gives us a moment to open up a raft of questions about why things played out the way they did these last few weeks.

Which begs a cleaning out of the Reporter's Notebook for the 2011 legislative session, and the bills that drove much of the narrative of the final days.
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Good Government or Political Power Play?

September 9, 2011 · Filed Under Ballot Measures, CA Politics, Elections · 2 Comments 

Getty/David McNew

After a debate on everything from fixing direct democracy to allegations of welshing on a deal, the Legislature approved legislation on its final day that strips June statewide ballots of initiative measures and -- in an unrelated move -- delays a pending ballot measure to beef up the state's rainy day fund.

The measure, if signed into law, would have major political ramifications... most notably, for several Republican-backed measures now expecting a shot at the June 2012 primary election.
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