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Teachers Plan Capitol Protest, Wisconsin Style

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Note: This story has been updated from its original verbage to reflect my interview with the president of the CTA. –JM In the days leading up to Governor Jerry Brown’s release of a revised budget next month, the state Capitol … Continue reading »

Republicans Rumble, Reconcile at Confab

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Republicans are fond of invoking just about everything Ronald Reagan, but their biannual state convention routinely sees shattered into tiny pieces what Reagan liked to call the party’s 11th Commandment: thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. This … Continue reading »

GOP Confab: WrestleMania

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SAN DIEGO — It’s true that Republicans are giddy about their chances his year. But as the first day of California’s Grand Old Party gathering comes to a close, you can’t help but feel that this is a group of … Continue reading »

GOP Day 2: The Breakup

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SANTA CLARA — Leave it to Tom McClintock, long the favorite son of the California Republican Party, to say what only others hinted about all weekend. Heck, what they’d hinted about all year. Arnold Schwarzenegger, we’re breaking up with you. … Continue reading »

GOP Dispatches: Day 2

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Dispatches from day two of this weekend’s California GOP confab from my KQED colleague, Scott Shafer. Meg-a Problem? Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman gave a somewhat lackluster speech to the state Republican convention Saturday afternoon. She touched on all her … Continue reading »

Presidential Hugs and Brickbats

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There’s plenty of coverage out there of President Barack Obama’s southern California trip… which leaves a niche politics blog to highlight something else — and that’s what a difference a few months can make.

RNC Day 1: The National Sideshow

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ST. PAUL — The first day of this 2008 Republican National Convention will likely be remembered for what didn’t happen. With a whole day of whooping and hollering and celebrating all planned and ready to go, convention organizers have pulled … Continue reading »