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Capitol Ponders Post-Redevelopment World

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Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg told reporters this morning that he’s not closing the door on pleas to postpone the dissolution of local redevelopment agencies. But let’s admit it: the door is on one of those automatic arms that … Continue reading »

Speaker Perez: Fix Water Bond. And More.

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As the Legislature returns to Sacramento, the leader of the lower house is sounding confident but cautious on some of the more challenging issues in year ahead. And so the headlines from an interview with Assembly Speaker John Perez in … Continue reading »

California Supremes Rule, Redevelopment is History

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In a ruling that is no doubt sending shock waves through city halls across California, the state Supreme Court has ruled that only half of a state budget proposal diverting redevelopment dollars is legal. That split decision means that more … Continue reading »

California Supreme Court Slugfest Over Redevelopment

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SAN FRANCISCO — The crux of the legal fight waged this morning in front of California’s seven Supreme Court justices seems to be who controls the fate of local redevelopment agencies: legislators or voters? And even then, is that fate … Continue reading »

Court Freezes Redevelopment Revise

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In the six weeks since Governor Jerry Brown signed the new state budget into law, you’d be hard pressed to find a time period where the plan has been more rattled than now. The latest tremor came this afternoon, when … Continue reading »

Budget Lawsuit #1: Redevelopment

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Local redevelopment officials and leaders of several California cities took aim — as expected — at the newly inked state budget this afternoon, suing the state for its plan to revamp redevelopment agencies and redistribute billions of dollars to state … Continue reading »

Oh, What A Night

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If the 2011 state budget fight holds any lesson, any takeaway, perhaps it’s this: California may be diverse, but it’s politics are divergent. Differences that elsewhere are celebrated have, in Sacramento, bred dysfunction. And the guy in the corner office … Continue reading »

Budget Battle: That Was the Easy Stuff

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When the dust finally settled Thursday afternoon, the two houses of the California Legislature had ratified spending cuts and budget transfers valued at $14 billion. It also marked the end of what might be called Act II of a three … Continue reading »

Brown Cajoles, GOP Demurs

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When a governor sets up camp just outside the doors of a legislative chamber and wages a full court press to get something approved, it’s usually a pretty big deal. But can such a dramatic gesture be pulled off more … Continue reading »

Budget Journos Wooed With Surveys

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The endless news cycle, as every journalist knows these days, demands a steady stream of reporting… and California’s fiscal crisis is no exception. And those seeking to influence the debate know it, too, which is probably why Capitol reporters found … Continue reading »