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Podcast: Retirement, Realignment, Republicans

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No word seems to dominate the political lexicon these days more than “optics,” the acknowledgement that how something looks can sometimes be more important than what it really turns out to be. This week’s Capital Notes Podcast examines some of … Continue reading »

Partisan Gridlock No, Political Battle Yes

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For a governor who took office with more actual experience than virtually any elected leader in modern times, the long-awaited announcement of a budget-related initiative seems to mark the official end to Act I of Jerry Brown’s return to Sacramento. … Continue reading »

Brown's Government Rework Needs Money

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There are few things that could be called simple about Governor Jerry Brown’s quest to shift a number of programs from the state to locals, but here’s one… and it’s a biggie: money. More specifically: how’s it going to be … Continue reading »

"We're Finally Facing the Music"

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The only thing a governor of California really has to spend these days is political capital. And on that front, Governor Jerry Brown seems to be going all in from the get-go. Brown’s new state budget, an 18-month proposal of … Continue reading »

Brown, Whitman Lukewarm on Reform

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California simply needs a strong leader to solve what’s ailing it; that’s the implicit message of both of the major candidates for governor. Trouble is, voters have heard the same assessment of the problems before… and yet the problems persist. … Continue reading »