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Teachers: More Money for Schools. GOP: Okay

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It wasn’t the main narrative of Monday’s school funding protests, but chances are it’s in just about every reporter’s story (mine included): Republicans agree to give educators the money they want for the coming year. Of course, few may have … Continue reading »

Budget +82: The Week Ahead

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This may sound ludicrous to those outside the state Capitol, but there’s a sense around here that lawmakers have finally gotten serious about agreeing to a new budget. Yep, that’s only about 12 weeks after the fiscal year began. The … Continue reading »

Leg Analyst: Guv's 'Odd Couple' Too Odd

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“We recommend rejection of this proposal.” That’s about as simple as it gets in Capitol budget terms, and that’s the bottom line of the Legislative Analyst’s Office after examining Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s novel proposal to link funding for prisons with … Continue reading »

Arnold to DC: Give Us The Money, Nobody Gets Hurt

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It may not quite have been a ransom note dressed up as a state budget, but Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is making it clear that a whole lot of things Californians won’t like will have to happen if the feds don’t … Continue reading »

It's A Prop 98 Thing, You Wouldn't Understand

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If you took out a calculator, added up some numbers, and hit “equals,” you’d expect an answer that was indisputable, right? Now imagine there were certain buttons on the calculator that would make the math turn out differently. Or suppose … Continue reading »

"We've Stalled Over Education"

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That was the assessment of Assembly Speaker Karen Bass as negotiations over the state’s massive budget deficit ended tonight with no deal, a major change in tone from earlier in the day when a deal seemed imminent. The ‘Big Five’ … Continue reading »

Teachers v. Arnold: The Sequel

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The debate over erasing California’s massive budget deficit may now be headed into a new, and particularly bitter phase… as arguably the state’s most powerful interest group hammers Governor Schwarzenegger for his suggestion to further reduce spending on public schools.

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

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The year was 1940, a year when war was on the horizon and the big political chatter centered on whether Franklin D. Roosevelt would run for an unprecedented third term in the White House. That was the last time California … Continue reading »