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Team Meg Doubles Down on Brown and Taxes

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Twelve days before election day and less than twelve hours after a statewide poll showed their candidate trailing, the campaign of Meg Whitman has launched another attack on Jerry Brown on the issue of taxes — claiming he’ll raise $1100 … Continue reading »

The Election That Tanked

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There hasn’t been much of a post-mortem among politicos about the May 19 election — partially because the state’s fiscal crisis hasn’t allowed time for pondering, but also because it’s seemed pretty darn clear: the voters thought the budget deficit … Continue reading »

Special Delivery From Voters: No x 5

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And now, the least surprising news of the political year: the special election called by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Legislature to help solve the state’s budget dilemma was a bust. The voters have spoken. And their very loud answer … Continue reading »

Prop 1A: Pork Barrel Spending?

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The labor union campaign opposing Proposition 1A has released its first TV ad, attacking the measure’s planned budget reserve as a way to “spend billions on pork barrel projects.”

And Now, The Special Election Pivot

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With no fanfare, the main campaign in support of the six budget measures on the May 19 ballot has pivoted to a media blitz focused on just two measures… the two with the most state budget money riding on them, … Continue reading »

Ah Yes, The Poll

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A lot has already been written about today’s Field Poll and the sense that a big thumping could be in the making for all but the most marshmallowy of the May 19 budget ballot measures. That may be. But let’s … Continue reading »

Control Those Pesky Politicians, Says TV Ad

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The opening TV ad from the omnibus campaign to pass all six budget ballot measures is out, and it’s clear that the campaign is appealing to the popular sentiment that only voters can rein in those pesky politicians. The ad … Continue reading »

Prop 1A's Old Ball & Chain... Taxes

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A few weeks from now, once the voters have spoken, pundits will either be calling it the height of political genius… or a political blunder for the record books. “It” is the multi-billion dollar tax increase that will only happen … Continue reading »

Prop 1A: Not Quite A Cap, Not Just For Rainy Days

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The rhetoric in support and opposition of the marquee measure on next month’s special election ballot is fairly simple. The measure itself is anything but. On this morning’s edition of The California Report, we presented the first of two stories … Continue reading »

"Protect Priorities," Says First TV Ad

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With the statewide special election now less than five weeks away, the first TV ad of the campaign to pass the budget-related measures is out. And given its backers, it’s not surprising which measures it promotes.