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Redistricting Panel: Hot Potato! Not It!

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MISSING: 22,525 Californians LAST SEEN: Submitting an initial application for the new Citizens Redistricting Commission DESCRIPTION: Not as white, male, or partisan as those left behind No final tally yet exists of the total pool of applicants vying for one … Continue reading »

Give Redistricting Back To Legislature?

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And now, a new twist in the still unfolding story over a new citizens commission for drawing political maps in California: an initiative has been filed to scrap the new operation altogether. On Monday, UCLA professor and former chairman of … Continue reading »

Line Drawing, Anyone?

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BURBANK — It’s pretty accepted as fact that the once-a-decade process of drawing political maps, known as redistricting, is arcane. Dry. Dull? Well, maybe not. That last assessment comes after judging the decent sized crowd that out in Burbank today … Continue reading »

Might Redistricting Process Run Out of Cash?

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Just a little over a year after voters created an independent commission to draw most of California’s political maps, the process is costing a lot more money than was allocated. In fact, it’s possible the commission that’s slated to convene … Continue reading »

Understanding the Goals of Redistricting

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The Hapsburg Dynasty… Michael Phelps… and California legislators? If you’re confused, then you haven’t been paying attention to Governor Schwarzenegger, the pitch man for Proposition 11 — this fall’s attempt to change the once-a-decade process of redistricting. This is Schwarzenegger’s … Continue reading »