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Podcast: Buzzzzzzz

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Given we often focus in some way on the “buzz” inside California politics, this week’s Capital Notes Podcast is an homage to buzz… using (we promise) only this week the lovely hum of the vuvuzela. You’ll have to listen to … Continue reading »

Podcast: Time's Up

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At long last, the primary election season is coming down to the wire. Can you feel the fatigue? On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we take one last look at the biggest races on next Tuesday’s ballot… headlined by today’s … Continue reading »

Podcast: Dinero

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As with most editions of the Capital Notes Podcast these days, we’re focused on money: the lack of money in the state budget and the vast sums being spent in the race for governor. Capitol Weekly’s Anthony York and I … Continue reading »

Podcast: Under Pressure

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Cue the David Bowie/Queen rock classic. This week’s Capital Notes Podcast examines the wild week that was in the race for governor and in the early skirmishes over the state’s ever-bleeding budget. On the election front, the midweek poll makes … Continue reading »

Podcast: Meg Whitman

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There’s a lot happening in politics these days, and so not one… but two… podcasts this week. This special Thursday Capital Notes Podcast features the entire interview this week with Meg Whitman. The GOP gubernatorial candidate sat down for a … Continue reading »

Podcast: Ouch!

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This week’s Capital Notes Podcast, a little late in arriving due to the afternoon release of a revised budget, is full of pain… $19 billion in tough decisions about state government programs and the folks who depend on those programs. … Continue reading »

Podcast: Sticky Wicket

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Things are getting complicated as May unfolds, from the race for governor to the soon-to-be fought battle over another state budget crisis. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we look back at last week’s GOP gubernatorial debate (which is now … Continue reading »

Podcast: Adios, Maldonado

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No, that headline doesn’t mean the new Republican lieutenant governor is going away. It’s just that now he finally has the job he’s wanted for months, the drama /news is over and we’ll soon be moving on to other topics. … Continue reading »

Podcast: John, Anthony, Lana

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Let’s put it this way: Lana doesn’t share her old man’s love of California politics. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we pull off a two-fer: discuss the week’s political news and try to entertain an eight year old who’s … Continue reading »

Podcast: Steve Poizner

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Steve Poizner says he’s a truth teller. But if that’s the case, do people want to hear it? This week’s Capital Notes Podcast features a one-on-one conversation with the Republican candidate for governor, part of our ongoing radio series for … Continue reading »