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Podcast: Burnout and Sizzle

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This week’s Capital Notes Podcast comes a few days late, due to the exhaustion of last week’s marathon ending to Budget Crisis 2010. At least, a temporary ending to the crisis. And so this special Monday edition sifts through the … Continue reading »

Podcast: Poring Over Polls

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Jerry and Meg neck and neck. Barbara over Carly by a few points. Those are some of the gems from statewide polls released just in the last 24 hours, and the focus of this week’s Capital Notes Podcast. Capitol Weekly’s … Continue reading »

Podcast: Mano a Mano

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Call this the first big fight week in the race for governor: accusatory ads, intraparty tensions, and just good old fashioned sniping between Democrats and Republicans. In this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we focus exclusively on the gubernatorial jousting… from … Continue reading »

Podcast: Tick, Tick, Tick

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That ticking sound is getting louder. For lawmakers inside the state Capitol, it’s the ticking of the minutes, hours, and days since the fiscal year began without a budget. In the race for governor, it’s the ticking down of the … Continue reading »

Podcast: Hot August Nights

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The temperature outside the state Capitol these days is less important than the temperature inside, as the budget and the final push on legislation leave everyone sweating it out. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we check in on the … Continue reading »

Podcast: Summer Doldrums

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Europeans have it right. August should be for vacations, not for work. Just ask political reporters left to sift through measly scraps of news. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we examine the very few rumblings about budget negotiations here … Continue reading »

Podcast: Endless Summer

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You’ve just got to believe that the Democratic nominee for governor wishes the summer of 2010 would never end. After all, after being outspent by a gazillion-to-one, he appears headed into the fall campaign without having lost much ground — … Continue reading »

Podcast: Deep In The Heart of Taxes

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Sure, that’s a corny headline. But this week’s Capital Notes Podcast is, in fact, mostly about taxes: the tax proposal from legislative Democrats. That proposal is a key part of the Dem budget plan offered up earlier this week, a … Continue reading »

Podcast: Waiting To Exhale

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There are a lot of folks holding their breath these days, just waiting for that new budget deal. Um, don’t. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast (yes, we’re back), we check in on the not-so-speedy budget negotiations and the many … Continue reading »

Podcast: Slow Ride

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We’re in no hurry on this week’s edition of the Capital Notes Podcast. Which is appropriate, considering a new fiscal year has arrived and — surprise — there’s no state budget. Capitol Weekly’s Anthony York and I take a look … Continue reading »