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Guv Offers New Cuts, More To Come

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Governor Schwarzenegger proposed a new list of deep reductions in state spending today, including more prisoners to be released early, a scrapping of a stalled state worker labor agreement, and new cuts in medical care for the poor. And that … Continue reading »

Napa Yes, Budget No

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 15 — With legislative leaders again gathering, and adjourning, with no resolution to the state’s budget woes today, we can at least give thanks for a new boost to the Napa wine industry. Governor Schwarzenegger signed two … Continue reading »

The Problem Is The Problem

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On the surface, the pitched PR battle waged today between Democrats and Republicans seems like it’s flavored with a dash of the same old spin. But in reality, it goes to the heart of the literal budget problem that’s plagued … Continue reading »