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Speaker Nixes Pay Raises

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Proving once again that in politics, perception often trumps all else, Assembly Speaker Karen Bass has canceled pay raises for staffers in the lower house.

GOP Budget Plan: $22 Billion, No Taxes

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Legislative Republicans have crunched the numbers on their proposal for erasing some, but probably not all, of the shortfall facing the state over the next 18 months — a $22 billion proposal that suggests more than $2 in cuts for … Continue reading »

We Need New Ideas. From 2004.

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Like every good state Capitol denizen, I still have the yellow books sitting on a shelf here in the bureau. It’s a handsomely bound set dominated by two volumes each the size of a San Francisco phone book, emblazoned with … Continue reading »

Replenishments, Recalls, and Republican Budgets, Oh My!

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 69 — It’s turning into a day of interesting “medium grade” state budget news… medium grade because there’s not actually a budget agreement but rather more tidbits from the ongoing budget sideshow. At an event this morning … Continue reading »

Guv Reaffirms Budget Stance, School Money Delayed

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 57 — If legislators are hoping that a raid on money from voter-approved programs is the fallback solution to the ongoing budget saga, they’re not going to like the message Governor Schwarzenegger delivered today at an event … Continue reading »

"Everyone Has To Compromise"

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 49 — That was the simple and straightforward message delivered today by Governor Schwarzenegger after the four legislative leaders left his office with apparently no further progress on resolving the seven week old budget impasse. The legislative … Continue reading »

Can't Lines in the Sand Be Erased?

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 9– With legislative leaders resuming their private negotiations today over a new state spending plan, it seems worth noting what is… and isn’t… negotiable, at least according to their public pronouncements. Much ado was made yesterday of … Continue reading »

Tax Credits and the Budget Debate

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Budget discussions this year keep coming back to the issue of tax credits and tax loopholes, and closing some of each to help resolve the state’s $15 billion shortfall in the fiscal year that begins on Tuesday. There are more … Continue reading »

Prison Hot Potato

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If you only remember two things about the crisis in California prisons, might I suggest the following: (1) the prisons are overcrowded and in the crosshairs of the federal courts, and (2) the prison system is apparently in need of … Continue reading »

Court Receiver Ups The Ante, Again

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Henry Hill: “You’re a pistol, you’re really funny. You’re really funny.” Tommy DeVito: “What do you mean I’m funny? You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me… but I’m funny how? I mean funny like I’m … Continue reading »