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New Pension Initiatives Target Current Workers

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NOTE: An earlier version of this posting misidentified conservative pension activist Marcia Fritz as one of the members of the group behind the new initiative campaign. There’s a temptation to dust off the quote attributed to an infamous bank robber … Continue reading »

The Itchy (Budget) Trigger

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And now, the latest developments from the “Clear as Mud” files… everyone who’s anyone around the state Capitol wants to know whether California’s share of the federal economic stimulus package is large enough to allow some of the less-than-loved budget … Continue reading »

DC Optimism, Wall Street Pessimism

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As the festivities wrap up back east and California’s top officials wing their way westward, it seems that they bring with them some of that Obamoptimism, even as some new Wall Street angst arrives first. First, the angst. The credit … Continue reading »

Arnold Deficit Clock Now At $14.8 Billion

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Arnold The Showman is back. With Monday’s joint legislative meeting on the state’s fiscal crisis seemingly failing to thaw the frozen partisan fight on budget solutions, Governor Schwarzenegger today unveiled a ticking budget deficit clock and announced the current year … Continue reading »